Ritual Teams

Gaia Community's Ritual Teams are trained in performing high-quality public rituals on a regular basis for our community (and sometimes for others as well). Unlike most committees at Gaia Community, there are some pre-requisites to becoming a member of Ritual Teams (or ritualist). All members have gone through the Excellence in Ritual training course, and many have years of experience not only in presenting rituals at Gaia Community, but with a variety of personal traditions as well. All members of Ritual Teams must also be Full Active Members, paying at least a minimum monthly pledge.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Ritual Teams, please contact Kimberly or Jamie, the instructors for Excellence in Ritual, about attending the next class. If you are just interested in helping out with rituals that interest you from time to time, the committee welcomes that as well; there is a list of future rituals here. You can talk to ANY ritualist about being involved in rituals (they have a blue ribbon on their nametags), or specifically get in touch with David, the Ritual Teams Coordinator, at rtc@gaiacommunity.org