Women's Full Moon Covenant Group (inactive)

The Women's Full Moon Covenant Group plans and conducts Full Moon rituals on the Saturday closest to the Full Moon, to celebrate the goddess both within and without. These rituals are open to all women in the general community regardless of spiritual or religious preference. We consider a woman to be one who is at least 13 years old, one who has achieved menarche, and one who has the interest and maturity needed to attend a formal ritual. In addition, transwomen are welcome.

These rituals are offered to foster an opportunity for women of different faiths and paths to share spiritual community. Membership is open to any women who have an interest in creating rituals for the greater community. There is no fee charged for attending a ritual or joining the covenant group. Ritualist experience is not necessary to join the covenant group. Love offerings to help defray expenses are appreciated.

Please check their calendar on Meetup.com for more specifics about upcoming rituals, or for more information about the Full Moon Covenant Group, contact Kate Miller or Linda Boyce.

As of July 2012, this group is on hiatus.