Shoots Class

This is our second-youngest KidSpace class, generally aged 4-8. It sometimes combines classrooms with the Saplings class, if there are not enough students to justify splitting them out. During class, this group learns (among other things):

  • a basic understanding of the Seven Principles of the UUA;
  • a basic understanding of the Cornerstones;
  • a basic concept of pagan spirituality;
  • basic understanding of the diversity of religious belief;
  • how to conduct oneself appropriately in the classroom and in sacred space.
  • Before they may graduate to the next class, they must demonstrate:

  • knowledge of ritual format (i.e. Gaia's "bare bones of ritual", their own family's tradition, or another pagan tradition);
  • understanding of the definition of sacred space and how to recognize when it is present;
  • proper decorum in ritual and sacred space.