Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities abound at Gaia Community! Want to help out? Here's how:

Current Special Needs

  • Help clean out our storage closet! It's gotten rather chaotic since moving, and some of the things in it don't need to be stored at Ubuntu Village full-time. Contact David if you're interested in helping with this; he's scheduling a workday in September or October to tackle this (probably on a Saturday).

Ongoing Needs

  • Serve on a Committee. Contact the respective committee head for more information.
  • Write for the Earth Healer Newsletter. Contact the Communications Committee to find out about upcoming issues.
  • Teach a class for KidSpace. Contact the KidSpace coordinator to sign up.
  • Bake or bring cookies or other sweets for sale after ritual; all proceeds from these benefit the KidSpace program, so make them tasty! There is a sign-up sheet after ritual (at the cart where these are being sold, conveniently) for getting on the schedule for these.
  • Help clean up after ritual. No need to contact anyone to help with this, just stick around after a Sunday service and look for someone with a blue ribbon on their nametag.

Thank you for all you do!