Current Board Members and Committee Contacts

Gaia Community's leadership is shared among many people. Below is a consolidated list of who is doing what and how to contact them. All of this information is also available elsewhere on the website, but this page simplifies things a bit.

Last updated: May 8, 2016

Board of Trustees

President -- Susi Matthews
Vice President (and Ombudsman) -- Jan Wilner
Treasurer -- Devin
Secretary -- David Reynolds-Gier
Trustees At Large -- Barbara, Katie, Rosemary. In order to avoid spam, personal e-mail addresses for the trustees at large are not linked here. They can be reached collectively through the board's main e-mail.

Our current representative to the Ubuntu Village LLC is Barbara.

Our liaisons to the Manheim Neighborhood Association are Rosemary Williams and David Reynolds-Gier.

Committee Contacts

Communications -- Jamie Peters

Finance -- Devin

KidSpace -- Linda Boyce and Barbara

Membership -- Barbara and Jamie

Nominating -- Jamie, Kit, and Matt.

Ritual Teams -- David Reynolds-Gier

Site -- Barbara

Social Justice -- Erin

Stewardship -- Kimberly