1. Look at as a possible fix to the missing 'earthhealers' URL alias.
  2. Style Calendar module
    1. Check out for Google Calendar integration.
    2. Add 2008-2009 budget (and probably prior years, too)
    3. Add additional fields to database for finance, directory, etc.
      1. Define member-only directory queries for read access
      2. Define queries/forms to update member information
      3. Define both treasurer-only (finance-only?) and self-only queries for pledge information
    4. Finish adding additional role categories for committee heads, etc
    5. Reorganize/readd images into subdirectories, rename files, etc.
    6. Add photographs for new site:
      1. Nametags
      2. Greeter's table
      3. Barn Chapel
    7. Navigation menu styling
    8. Redesign look of website
      1. color scheme and layout; Kimberly wants something less "boxy"
      2. Seasonal/holiday variants
    9. Define taxonomy/tags?
    10. Verify that mailman works properly (should be fixed with domain transfer)
      1. Enable new mailing lists, merge from Yahoo!Group


Tasks already taken care of:

  1. Basic site structure laid out on paper (should scan in/type in, for Kit)
  2. Old images uploaded (need to be reorganized/renamed)
  3. Nice Menus module installed
  4. Path module activated; starting to define path alias for old URLs (any Communications can continue working on it)
  5. Installed Calendar module; some formatting learning curve left.
  6. Enabled new accounts.
  7. Navigation menu completion
  8. Finish adding Sacred Fool pages
  9. Transfer domain name from
  10. Ensure that all old pages have an appropriate path alias
  11. Shut down site.
  12. Fixed error where IP addresses were showing up on searches, etc.
  13. Enabled User Profiles for non-logged-in visitors!