Join our team for the Project Drawdown EcoChallenge

April 4-25, Gaians will participate in the Project Drawdown EcoChallenge, and we’d love to have your help! This game challenges us to learn about and take steps towards mitigating climate change. Participants will be challenged to make personal changes and to advocate for change in society in areas like food, transport, energy generation, support for women and girls, and others. To learn more, and to join our team, click here.

2018-2019 Patron of the Year Selection has begun!

Each July, Gaia Community chooses a deity or other power to focus on during the coming year. We start by taking nominations from the community, until we have a field of 16 potential patrons. We then narrow the field down to three with a “Penny Auction” or penny drive – each power has a collection jar at our Sunday services, and folks support their favorites by donating change in the jar(s) of the power(s) they like. This part of the process starts at Spring Equinox and runs until Beltane. The top three contenders then advance to the next round. Nominations just wrapped up, and the Penny Auction begins today! Our contenders for 2018-2019 are:

Each week, we’ll count contributions for each of the powers, and post current standings. The top three will be announced during the potluck meal following our Beltane ritual on April 29th.