This Sunday: Earth Day!

Earth Day this year takes place in a time of uncertainty, but one thing is certain: our current lower impact on the environment is visible. Mother Earth has given us a time out, and taking a moment to clean up after us, her unruly children.

This Sunday, we will explore areas of climate change and human environmental impact that don’t get much publicity. We’ll take some time to do direct action, and/or make oaths.  Before the ritual, a guide will be posted on the Facebook group with actions you can take during the work of the day or later.

For this ritual, you are encouraged to go outside, if your tech allows it, and the weather cooperates. Otherwise, if you can set-up near a window, that would be best. There are a few items that will aid your participation: a chalice, matches/lighter/firestick, and a bowl of sun-warmed water with salt if sunlight isn’t available.

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