This Sunday: Arts and Craft – Our Spiritual Hobbies

This coming Sunday’s service will be a Forum on the intersection between art and magic, between craft and spirituality. We’ll share our thoughts about how we personally use our handwork (crafts, art, hobbies, skills) to further our worship, and our spirituality to enhance our art. Since we have the luxury of participating in this from our homes, I encourage you to bring out any examples of work you have done as altar objects, talismans, chant or spell-writing; or anything inspired by spiritual practice (for instance a poem inspired by a trance, or a piece of art generated from a divination, or–???) to share with everyone. Any hobby, craft, pastime, or art that you do is surely eligible! We definitely include the creating of music in this classification.

Please join us at 3pm for our virtual coffee hour, with the Forum to begin at 4pm.

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