This Sunday (6/21) – Summer Solstice!

In Ancient Egypt, the time of the summer solstice was when the star Sirius appeared in the dawn sky letting the Egyptians know that the Nile River would soon rise and flood the fields, bringing silt to replenish the soil and water to grow the crops. The reappearance of Sirius marked the Egyptian New Year. In myth, Horus had finally conquered Set, a victory which restored divine order and fertility to Egypt, and allowed the Nile floods to come, bringing life back to the Nile valley. It was also said that the goddess Isis was mourning her dead husband, Osiris, and that her tears made the Nile rise and well over.

To celebrate Summer Solstice we’ll be weaving the story of the Inundation of the Nile with present day events. We’ll be finding ways to renew and recharge ourselves with the summer sun, and turning the wheel of time to bring desired change.

Please join us at 3 pm for coffee hour and chat, with the ritual to begin at 4 pm.

Things to bring to ritual:
a candle for chalice,
water with natron (or salt and baking soda) mixed in, for purification,
A small item you have charged (let sit) in the sun, something you might be able to carry with you in a pocket
Optional – If you like to activate an altar at home during ritual, we will be invoking the elements of air, fire, water and earth and the deities, Isis, Horus, and Set. You might also want an image of the Wheel of Fortune card from the Tarot.

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