This Sunday (7/5): Honoring Spider Woman

This Sunday we will hold the first of three rituals in honor of the powers chosen as potential patrons for Gaia Community for the next year. After three weeks, we will hold a vote among community members and friends to choose a deity to work with from this July to next. The first ritual honors Spider Woman:

The call from Spider Woman from the ancient Southwest to Gaia Community in 21st Century America, is a call to wholeness, integrity and harmony with the world as it is. Spider Woman weaves the universe, a holy pattern in its intricate complexity and infinite beauty, a shining web of life. She calls us to a new consciousness of the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part. On our own home soil, wherever we are living, each of us must find our own unique place in the web. She calls to us to walk in beauty every day, to recognize the inherent harmony of all of nature. She calls to us to care for the earth and each other in the deepest possible way, extending our relationships to include all members of the family of creation. Spider Woman is calling to us–will you listen to her call?

We encourage participants to gather a candle and fire (or electric candle), a bowl of water, a writing implement of choice, paper and some scissors, to do some work at home along with the ritual. As we do each Sunday, we’ll have an hour to chat before ritual, starting at 3, and the ritual will begin at 4 Central.

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