This Sunday (7/12) : Honoring Hermes

This Sunday we will hold the second of three rituals in honor of the powers chosen as potential patrons for Gaia Community for the next year. After three weeks, we will hold a vote among community members and friends to choose a deity to work with from this July to next.
In this ritual, we travel from ancient Greece to the modern Internet-enabled world in search of Hermes, the many-faced god of communications, trade, thievery, and magic. We find the clever god engaged in the art of connection and the creation of possibility. He inspires us to respect the stranger and seek peace, to provide care and hospitality to the traveler, the foreigner, the oppressed, the dying. With Hermes’ help, we wonder: how can we negotiate, barter, or steal a better society for ourselves and our communities?

Please join us at:
We hold social hour from 3p – 4p central time, with the ritual beginning at 4.
You may want: A candle, matches, a bowl of water, and a comfortable place to sit.
This ritual will be recorded.

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