This Sunday (7/26): Farewell to Horus

We started our ritual year with Horus by crafting feathers for ways to increase ma’at. This year has been in some ways a tribulation, both for us and for the rest of the world. We’ll review some of those commitments and the things we have learned from our year working with Horus before we send him back to his other duties and responsibilities.

As usual we will be holding this ritual in our Zoom video chat:
Meeting ID: 444 999 4327

For this ritual you may want to bring: a chalice/candle, water and baking soda/natron to cleanse with, and a bit of ‘whole food’, wine, juice, or some food you made yourself to offer as we work. Remember that at the end of Egyptian ritual, food items offered revert to the participants. Social time begins at 3p Central, ritual at 4.

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