This Sunday (10/4)

The Discordian Holy (or “Wholly”) Year is organized around five seasons: Chaos, Discord, Confusion, Bureaucracy, and The Aftermath. This ritual will take place on Bureaucracy 58, nearly to the end of the season before it all comes tumbling down into the Aftermath. And if that’s not a good summary of 2020 overall, we don’t know what is (and we might not want to know, honestly). So rather than running screaming from the chaos, perhaps we might take a few moments to explore it and find things of value, or things we definitely do not value.

Please wear comfortable clothing, remember to sign the waiver, and feel free to sign into Zoom with your Pope Name, or request one during coffee hour.

Join us on Zoom: The room will open at 3pm Central for social time, with the ritual beginning at 4.

This Sunday (9/27): Building Your Own Pagan Theology

Loosely based on the classic Unitarian Universalist class, “Build Your Own Theology”, we will provide some exercises and guidance to encourage participants to clarify and articulate their own belief systems as they find them at this particular point in their lives. This is a stand-alone class, but people who attended the ritual “Urban Paganism: Where is the Home of my Soul” may find it useful to bring their notes or journal pages from that Sunday.

Please join us on Zoom at 3pm Central for an hour of conversation, with the class beginning at 4.

This Sunday (9/20): Fall Equinox!

This is the harvest season: what are you choosing to harvest right now? Perhaps crops from your garden, regrets from the year or hope and gratitude? These are difficult times but still, we can choose to see the good, the hopeful, happy and the silly … even during a Pandemic. Please join us as we consider How Our Gardens are Growing! The items you will need to gather are: a candle and the means to light it, a small bowl of dirt or sand, incense/sage/oils (if appropriate), a drink such as cider or juice, your preferred method for doing divination, a representation of the harvest season such as an apple or produce from your garden, and a comfy place to sit. 

Please join us at:
We will open our room at 3pm for social time, and start the ritual around 4pm.

This Sunday (9/6): Sharing Our Spirits Ritual

We will be holding a Sharing Our Spirits Ritual this Labor Day Sunday, co-created and facilitated by those in attendance. The intention and the activities of ritual will be decided during the first part of our time together (starting at 4pm, with coffee hour before), then the ritual itself held in the remaining time. Feel free to bring poetry, visual props, ideas, or just things you wish to see happen!

As always for the time being, we will be meeting on Zoom; this event has no password.
Meeting ID: 873 0221 3896