This Sunday (10/18)

SyntheSphered Chalice Fifouray Star on Tapestry Digital Art by Chris Pringer

What do we need to find emotional rest from inner and outer turmoil? Particularly in a time that we are cut off from many of our customary projects and methods of gathering, what will fill our cups? Join Kitty and Matt for an exploration of the Tarot suit of cups through story and guided meditation as we seek an answer. It will help to have clear water or a drink you greatly enjoy and a treat you would associate with receiving a blessing/having a special occasion. Bring with you an activity you enjoy, but haven’t been able to justify spending time on recently. This could be anything from artwork and crafting to that story you’ve been meaning to finish. You may also find it helpful to bring your journal or other means of recording your thoughts.

Please join us on Zoom at 3pm Central for social hour, or 4pm for the ritual:

Chalice art by Chris Pringer

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