This Sunday (11/15)

Class: Devotional Acts

Devotional acts vary from a couple of moments a day to a day every few months. When we seek to offer the best we have in shaky and imperfect moments rather than postponing until the mythical best time, we offer rustic hospitality that builds more compassionate relationships with gods of guests like Hermes, with our communities, and with ourselves.  Please join Jamie and Aubry for a collaborative workshop on devotional acts.

 We will be sharing Hermes-centric resources and inspiration for creating  or improving a working hearth, travel or e-shrine,  including common historical and modern associations, food/votive offerings, and ways to pursue eclectic and revivalist offerings of prayer/performance/justice/craft/study. We invite you to join us in contemplating starting or supporting a new devotional practice or reworking an existing one. There will be an opportunity for interested folks to ask the group for insights or witness committing to their next step.

One of the ritualists will be lighting a chalice and acknowledging Hestia and Hermes, but otherwise this will be an informal and open circle. Please bring your preferred way of taking notes, your questions or devotional projects , and any shrine items or resources that you would like to share.

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