This Sunday (11/22): In Harmony with Spider Woman

Here's a Famous Rock Rising 830 Feet Above the Canyon Floor in Arizona You  Wish You Can Climb but Can't

This summer Spider Woman called to Gaia Community from her home in the Southwest of the United States. Her call was a call to justice, a call to solidarity with the land and with the indigenous peoples whose land it was. This coming Sunday, we will revisit Spider Woman and listen to her call for harmony, for the Diné concept of hozho, of beauty, of peace with the way things are; a well of peace from which springs the strength to resist, to persist, to keep on in the face of difficulty, to move toward our own vision of a better world. We encourage you to have available, representations of the elements of earth (a crystal, stone, fossil, or even a potted plant) and of air (a feather, picture of a bird, wind chimes, bell, etc.), as well as a bowl of water and a candle to use as a chalice. And, please have something to write with and something to write on.

Ritual begins at 4 pm, with a social hour beforehand at 3 pm Central. We continue to meet online, so please join us on Zoom:

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