This Sunday: 1/3 – Welcome 2021!

As we welcome 2021 to our consciousness, join Jamie and Matt for a ritual facilitating the creation of your own spirit ally to help you remain protected, focus your energy, and manifest your good works into the world against adversity. You will find it helpful to bring your preferred means of divination, your journal or materials for recording your thoughts, items you generally offer to the spirits or power you work with and a means for making an offering, and your chalice and a means to light it.

You may find your divination more focused if you have considered your present obstacles and future goals in advance, but this is absolutely not necessary. See you for the first ritual of the calendar year!

Social hour begins at 3pm Central, ritual starts at 4.

This Sunday (12/20): Yule!

Please join us this Sunday for Yule.  We will be taking a journey back to the lively pagan village of our imagined history.  There will also be a discussion of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the Winter Solstice. Together we will develop an intention that uses the energy of this Great Mutation conjunction to move us toward a brighter future.  Please bring a Seasonal candle (one that looks and/or smells like this winter season to you), a candle (votive) you can safely hold for a lighting to build energy, as well as a drink and snack to be consumed in ritual. The candle lighting portion of the ritual will work best in a dark room.

Pre-ritual social time begins at 3pm Central, and the ritual will start around 4.