This Sunday (1/10) – Widening the Circle of Concern

Since its formation in 1962, the Unitarian Universalist Association–our denomination–has been, despite its social justice commitments and even its members’ prominent involvement in the Civil Rights struggles of the times, wrought by accusations of systemic racism and White Supremacy within the larger organization and our congregations. This is despite waves of initiatives and programs intended to break with this culture. The UUA has commissioned a vast work of reflection, including many perspectives, about what might be done organizationally, congregationally, and personally to accomplish the building of a new, affirmatively inclusive and anti-oppressive culture within Unitarian Universalism.

For Gaia to participate as authentically as possible (as a tiny and unusual congregation), this Sunday will be the first of a periodic series of Forums and classes around systemic oppression, settler colonialism, and White Supremacy. We will share our perceptions of the impact of White Supremacy on our individual and collective lives in this first discussion.

Social hour is from 3p-4p central time, with the discussion forum starting at 4p.

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