This Sunday (2/28): Ritual: What’s Stopping You?

Join Barbara and Matt for an exploration of your dream future in 1-3 years. Who will you be? What will your work and place in life be and involve? Time will be given to envision, and clarify this dream. We will then consult one another and our spiritual guides and allies for steps to take to make these dreams real.

Social hour between 3pm Central and 4pm, with ritual to follow at 4.

This Sunday (2/21): Ritual – Hermes and the Thriai

Although Hermes had no famous oracle sites in the ancient Greek world, he was accounted the master of a variety of divinatory arts that could be practiced by regular mortals. Some of these arts he is said to have learned from the Thriai, a trio of bee-nymphs who spoke true prophecies when given pure honey to eat, but raved and gave false omens when denied this food.

In this ritual, we examine truth, falsehood, and the magic of clear understanding, not only of oracles, but of everyday communication as well. To participate in this ritual, you may want a candle to light as a chalice, a candle for Hermes, a small amount of honey, two six-sided dice, a journal, a bowl of water, and some small rocks, pebbles, or other items of similar size and weight (like dried beans!).

This Sunday (2/14) – Forum: Urban Pantheism

This Sunday, please join us as we discuss the occasional series of Urban Pantheism.  This will be a review of past rituals done, their themes, intents, and structures but more importantly what the community has gotten out of them and where we should be going from here. We will be beginning a working consensus on what Urban Pantheism is (and is not) both in general as well as in particular to KC, where these ideas may have come from and where we would like to take them. Your input is crucial to the continued growth for any potential proto or meta tradition we may be forming, thank you. 

We meet at 3pm Central for social time, and the forum will begin around 4.

This Sunday (2/7): Class – Technology and Divination

Welcome, fellow divination deconstructionists:

This Sunday at Gaia we will have a symposium of sorts where we will discuss the hallmarks of a robust divination system. Breakout rooms will be created to experience a few online and shareable tech-based divinations. Devin will share personal experiences and methods that can be reproduced by others. If you’d also like to share your experiences and divination ideas, please contact Devin ahead of class. This class may be recorded for reasons of transcribing notes, but not to be published online. As always, we’ll start with an hour of social time from 3p to 4p, and then get down to class business at 4.