This Sunday (2/21): Ritual – Hermes and the Thriai

Although Hermes had no famous oracle sites in the ancient Greek world, he was accounted the master of a variety of divinatory arts that could be practiced by regular mortals. Some of these arts he is said to have learned from the Thriai, a trio of bee-nymphs who spoke true prophecies when given pure honey to eat, but raved and gave false omens when denied this food.

In this ritual, we examine truth, falsehood, and the magic of clear understanding, not only of oracles, but of everyday communication as well. To participate in this ritual, you may want a candle to light as a chalice, a candle for Hermes, a small amount of honey, two six-sided dice, a journal, a bowl of water, and some small rocks, pebbles, or other items of similar size and weight (like dried beans!).

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