Gaia Community is making plans!

We know many people have been asking, “Now that COVID-19 infections have started to decline and there are vaccines becoming available, when will Gaia Community return to holding in-person services?”. The answer to that question is still “Not yet.”

We are, however starting to make some plans about *how* we will return to meeting in person, even if we are not quite ready to say *when*. We want to make sure that folks attending our events and services are kept as safe as possible, and we also want to make sure that, in our rush to get back together in the same physical space, we don’t leave behind all the lovely people who are only able to join with us now because we have shifted to providing online services.

If you’d like to provide some input into our plans for the future, we’ve got a few questions for you. Please click here to take the poll!

This Sunday (4/4) – Peace through Prosperity

Before the joining of the Aesir and Vanir, Freyr was lord of the earth, a god of sovereigns and of abundance of the tribe. Followers of Freyr were rewarded by a time of peace and prosperity–a peace that was in fact sustained by prosperity.  While Freyr was certainly a skilled and resourceful warrior, he bestowed on his followers, skills and wisdom to improve their lives through working together and with others rather than through domination.

In addition to a light for chalice, we encourage you to have some fertile earth to touch–a potted plant, a plant waiting to go in your garden, maybe some starts of herbs, or if nothing else, a pot of earth that you could plant something into if you get around to it.  This ritual will be in basic Druid format, so if you will want to make offerings yourself, you may wish to have items for offering and an offering bowl to receive them. 

We will open our virtual space at 3pm Central for social hour, and then begin the ritual at 4.

This Sunday (3/21): Spring Equinox!

Calling back the birds so they can bring the spring is an old Russian tradition, celebrated with special yeast buns called “larks” and shouting from high places. For our Spring Equinox ritual, we’ll use song, story, and poetry to call back our birds that have migrated south, thank those that stayed through this challenging winter, and simply celebrate our beautiful, inspiring birds. You’ll have the opportunity to create your own tribute to our feathered friends. You may want an offering bowl and an appropriate offering for birds during today’s ritual. You will also find it helpful to have writing supplies at hand.
The ritual begins at 4p Central, with social time starting an hour before.

This Sunday (3/14): Ritual – Time

It’s like the Doctor once said, time is a “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey ball of….stuff.” It can move faster or slower depending on our subjective experience of what’s around us. What if, we were all in possession of the knowledge and power to control how time moves for us? Join Matt and Kitty as we explore some common positive and negative experience triggers, then work as a group to determine daily actions we can take for our individual cycles of time to move in ways that are most helpful to our needs. It will be helpful to have a chalice and means to light it, your preferred divination method, journal, and a writing utensil.

Every Sunday, we open our virtual space at 3pm for social time, and the ritual of the day begins at 4.