This Sunday (4/4) – Peace through Prosperity

Before the joining of the Aesir and Vanir, Freyr was lord of the earth, a god of sovereigns and of abundance of the tribe. Followers of Freyr were rewarded by a time of peace and prosperity–a peace that was in fact sustained by prosperity.  While Freyr was certainly a skilled and resourceful warrior, he bestowed on his followers, skills and wisdom to improve their lives through working together and with others rather than through domination.

In addition to a light for chalice, we encourage you to have some fertile earth to touch–a potted plant, a plant waiting to go in your garden, maybe some starts of herbs, or if nothing else, a pot of earth that you could plant something into if you get around to it.  This ritual will be in basic Druid format, so if you will want to make offerings yourself, you may wish to have items for offering and an offering bowl to receive them. 

We will open our virtual space at 3pm Central for social hour, and then begin the ritual at 4.

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