This Sunday (4/18): Earth Day Ritual

During the pandemic, the enforced reduction in human movement around the planet made a measurable difference in some of the stresses the planet faces through the burning of fossil fuels. In fact, it is theorized that the pandemic itself may at some level be due to the proliferation of human life, resulting in the continual destruction of wildlife habitat. While in some cases this leads to extinction of species, it is also possible that the new proximity of some species to humanity has facilitated the transfer of viruses to people. And, of course, now that restrictions are being lifted, human movement will resume and so will the levels of pollution.
On this 51st celebration of Earth Day, we will review all that has been achieved since 1970…and all that is still to be done; and rededicate ourselves to walking as lightly as possible on our sole, our only home.

Every Sunday we hold social hour at 3pm Central, and begin the service of the week at 4pm. All are welcome!

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