This Sunday (5/16): Mercuralia

This year, Gaia Community has been guided and inspired by Hermes, Greek god of travel, markets, communication, and getting one over on the system. In this ritual, we step out of our Greek myths about Hermes to honor his Roman counterpart, Mercury. The Mercuralia was a Roman festival of prosperity for merchants – we mix it up by asking for blessings on our own prosperity, the local merchants we depend on, and everyone who works and hustles to pay the bills.

For this ritual, you will need:
– your chalice or candle to light
– a small dish of water for anointing yourself, perhaps with a bay leaf or other herb of blessing added
– some currency (coins or bills are fine, so long as it’s money you can spend where you are)

You may also want:
– some incense
– something to cover your head with
– a praise offering of some sort if appropriate (we will have an open section of ritual where you can make offerings to any deity, spirit or power you need to address – this could be a physical offering, a poem, a song, an oath, or anything else you want to give)

Our online space will open at 3pm Central for social time and ritual prep, and the ritual will begin at 4.

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