This Sunday (1/23/2022): Tarot Spreads Class/Discussion

There are so many questions to ask and so many Tarot spreads to answer them!  What makes a good question to ask?  What makes a good spread to answer it?  Do you have a favorite Tarot spread you use for answering questions related to career, health, relationships, a period of time ahead, or anything else?  This will be a participatory class/forum.  If you have a Tarot spread you’d like to talk about during the class, I’d love to have a picture of the layout I can show while you’re talking about it.  Please email your spread to songbird at skunkmountain dot com to have it included. We should also have time to each pick a spread to try and then share our thoughts about how it worked or what you might change.

We open our virtual space at 3 pm for general chat, and the class will start at 4pm at the link below:

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