This Sunday (1/30) – Imbolc

Hearth fire with cozy teapot.
Image by Dominik Hofbauer

We are halfway there…Imbolc is the milestone halfway through the darkest time of the year, from the longest night at Yule to the point of balance at Ostara.  Imbolc is traditionally a time to turn to Brigid and seek her support.  We will encourage participants to prepare a place to welcome Brigid’s presence, make offerings to her and seek her help and blessing to get through the rest of the hardest times.  For the fullest participation, we invite you to gather together: candles; a small amount of some type of oil (a fragrant oil, or neutral oil like olive or even vegetable oil is fine); herbs or spices from your kitchen (cinnamon, bay leaf, basil, lemon verbena, cayenne, ginger, rosemary); a cloth such as a scarf, bandanna, or handkerchief; some small strips of cloth (ribbon will work).  We will encourage you to enjoy some food and beverage, and prepare to offer a portion of these to Brigid as well.  Milk, or something made from milk, is traditional at this time.  And since this time is particularly auspicious for divination, your favorite divination tool.

Our virtual space opens at 3pm for chat, and the ritual will begin at 4.

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