This Sunday: Chaoflux (a ritual of Discordia)

:Hail ye and welcome Gaians to the venerable, honorable, and execrable Rite of the Holy Day of Chaoflux, [Barbara to insert discordian date here] wherein we shall, or possibly shall not, worship the goddess Eris in a manner consistent with the Principia Discordia. [Devin, write some words here about it being an ADF ritual and they might want praise offerings] {Nah, it’s cool, I think they know-D.} To participate, we encourage you to have handy whatever you damn well please, except that you really should bring a beverage which you enjoy, which ideally shall be both pungent and sweet and if possible, orange. And a chalice, because we are not throwing out every single scrap of bureaucracy here.” General chat starts at 3, ritual starts around 4.

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