This Sunday (3/6/22): We Will Be Their Ancestors

Person in a white shirt that reads "YOU MATTER".
Photo by Eneida Hoti.

Fittingly, in this year spent under the shadow of pestilence and war, we have turned our attention to the Ancestors, the Mighty Dead, to learn from those who have gone before, the secrets to surviving and thriving in, and even perhaps turning the direction of adversity.  This Sunday, we recognize that eventually, and ideally later rather than sooner, WE will be the ancestors to people who come after us.  Who will they be?  Who will we be for them?  What wisdom, what advice will we offer them?  What will be our legacy?  We will travel through time into the future and explore. You will need only a chalice, writing materials, and something that measures time: (a watch, calendar, clock, hourglass, sundial…) and perhaps something to drink and eat to ground yourself during the work.

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