Autumn Equinox
Earth Healer - Autumn 2018 Edition
Welcome to the new digital edition of the Earth Healer newsletter! The Equinox approaches, we turn the wheel of the year to Autumn, and turn our thoughts to the cooler air, the abundance around us, and our beloved communities. Read on to learn about upcoming events at Gaia Community, our social justice and community involvement, and our work with Freya, our patron deity of the year. 
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Altar with Gaia statue, cup, flowers, and tools
Upcoming Rituals and Sunday Services

These events are held Sunday afternoons, from 4p to 6p, at the Heart of the Dove, unless otherwise specified. All are welcome!

September 23 - Ritual: Autumn Equinox - Persephone Packs Her Bags. 
Facilitated by Kitty and Jane.
Fall Equinox is the time when the goddess Persephone packs her bags and returns to the Underworld. We’ll, or actually, you’ll be telling the story of Persephone with improv theater. We’ll have an opportunity to give something - a hope, a dream, a concern - to Persephone to take with her to the Underworld where it can rest and be nurtured so it may bloom in the spring, symbolized by the spring bulbs we’ll be planting in pots to take home. Come join us and stay for the potluck. Please bring a dish to share and your re-usable tableware.

September 30 - Bardic Circle. We gather to share stories, songs, poems, and other performances. The theme for this circle is "Autumn Tales". Polish up your act and bring it to the circle, or just come ready to be entertained, moved, provoked, and amused. 
Facilitated by Jamie.

October 7 - Workshop: Small Shrines. This hands-on workshop guides us in the art of the portable shrine. Come and build a tiny altar to your deity of choice! 
Facilitated by Barbara

October 14 - Ritual: Prometheus. Prometheus is honored as the creator and tutor of mankind, and ally to humanity against the gods when the gods get out of hand. He was the runner-up in our patron deity selection process this year, and we honor him and thank him for his time. 
Facilitated by Erin and Jamie.

October 21 - Class: The Four Levels of Reality. The world we live in is influenced by our senses, our thoughts, our stories, and our attitudes. Join us as we explore this model of reality, and learn to change the world by paying attention to interactions between the parts of ourselves. 
Facilitated by Kitty.

October 28 - Ritual: Samhain. We honor our noble and beloved dead, and celebrate Freya as guide to the dead, who can assist each soul to its proper place in the halls of the gods. 
Facilitated by David and Kimberly.
Potluck meal to follow, please bring a dish to share and your re-usable tableware.
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Jan Wilner
In Memoriam - Jan R. Wilner
We celebrate the life and mourn the passing of longtime member Jan R. Wilner. Jan passed into the world of the Ancestors on August 17, 2018. She was a beloved part of our community, a ritualist, and a Voice of Gaia. She was also very active within Diana's Grove/Expanding Inward, and will be remembered by the Society for Creative Anachronism as Elwyn of Fountaingrove, the second Baroness of Forgotten Sea. 

A celebration of her life will be held Saturday, October 20 at 6:30 p.m. at Heart of the Dove, 4327 Troost Ave. As befits Jan's life, the service will be full of music and love. We will miss her smile and gentle presence.
Hail Freya!

We honor Freya as Gaia Community's annual patron deity. Her shrine will be present every Sunday at rituals and other services. If you would like to make a gift to the Lady at Her shrine, She particularly enjoys flowers, rose water, amber, jewelry, wine, mead, representations of cats, falcons, or boars, bacon, chocolate, and anything particularly beautiful or magical. We will hold a series of rituals in Her honor from now until July 2019. 
Committee and Business Meetings
October 3 - Ritual Teams Meeting, 7pm, Heart of the Dove
October 10 - Social Justice Committee, 7pm, Erin's House (email for more information)
October 20 - Ritual for Business, 10am, Heart of the Dove
Meetings are open to all who wish to attend. 
Upcoming events:

September 22 - Neighborhood trash pickup. Meet Katie at Heart of the Dove at 1:30pm. We have trash bags and some safety vests. Please dress comfortably and bring your work gloves.

October 3 - October 24 - EcoChallenge 2018. Join Gaia's team to learn about how to reduce your ecological footprint and live more sustainably. 

October 21 - Games night. Come play with us! We meet at 7pm at Heart of the Dove to play board, card, and other games. All ages welcome, no official business allowed. 
Gaia Community Unitarian Universalist
4327 Troost Avenue, 816.629.4933
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