Earth Healer - Sahmain 2018 Edition
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Gaia Community stands in solidarity with the Jewish community and with all victims of white supremacist violence. We extend an invitation from our neighbors at Congregation Kol Ami and All Souls UU to Show Up for Shabbat on Friday, November 2nd.
Altar with Gaia statue, cup, flowers, and tools
Upcoming Rituals and Sunday Services

These events are held Sunday afternoons, from 4p to 6p, at the Heart of the Dove, unless otherwise specified. All are welcome!

November 4 - Class: Vote!
Facilitated by David and Kimberly.
Election day is coming soon! If you haven’t already advance voted, there’s still time to find out about your voting process, and your ballot issues. Bring your questions and we’ll try to answer them. We’ll also talk about alternate methods of voting and how we might improve the process of our democracy. (Please note: we cannot endorse any particular party or candidates, even if we might like to.)

November 11 - Sharing Our Spirits Ritual
Facilitated by Erin.
Sharing Our Spirits rituals are an opportunity to respond to immediate community spiritual needs, interests, and concerns. We come together to create a ritual on the spot and perform it. If you have an intention, a chant, a poem, an invocation, an activity, or some other bit of ritual that speaks to you, please bring it with you. We will weave together elements from everyone present to do this work.

November 18 - Ritual: Entering the Realm of the Archetypes
Facilitated by Kitty and Kimberly.
Stories surround us, and come to define our lives. If you envision your life as a story, what sort of character are you? Are you a mighty warrior, fighting against an implacable enemy? Are you a wily trickster? A serene priestess? A great sage? A teller of tales? What role do you play in your story? And who do you need to be? Please join us for a ritual exploration of the archetypes we inhabit by chance or by choice.

November 25 - Forum: Gratitude
Facilitated by Erin.
What are you thankful for? How do you practice your gratitude? Where does the idea of gratitude work (or not work) in your life? In today’s forum, we’ll discuss these questions and more.

December 2 - Ritual: Celebrating Chalica
Facilitated by Jamie and Kitty.
Chalica is a Unitarian Universalist holiday celebrating the 7 Principles and their role in our lives. Please join us for this festival of light, connection, and the work we do in the world. 

December 9 - Workshop: The Pearl Pentacle
Facilitated by Kimberly and David.
Earlier this year, we explored the Iron Pentacle, a model and method for regaining personal power that comes to us from Thorn Coyle's work with the Feri Tradition. In this workshop, we will work to transform the energy of Iron to the radiance of Pearl, bringing personal power into relationship with our communities and the world. Please come dressed to move comfortably from a sitting or standing position.

December 16 - High Holiday: Yule
Facilitated by David.
The wheel turns again, to the rebirth of the Sun at the darkest hour. We celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice, and its promise of renewal and rebirth. Please join us for ritual, followed by a potluck dinner. Please bring a dish to share and your re-usable tableware. 
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Tea and Conversation 

Want to hang out with Gaians and friends? We now have a hospitality hour each Sunday before ritual. This is a great time to meet people, ask questions, or just have some social time together. Warm beverages and snacks are available starting at 3pm every Sunday at Heart of the Dove. 
Remember to vote November 6!
Election Day is November 6!
As Unitarian Universalists, we honor the Association's 5th Principle: the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. In the spirit of that Principle and in honor of the Pagan roots of democracy, we gently remind you to vote on election day, if you've not already done so. Thank you to all our Kansas early voters and Missouri absentee voters! See the rest of you at the polls!
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A Prayer for Samhain 2018

Now is a dark time, now is a long year
A year of grieving and fear
Much of what is dear to us is lost or threatened.
I fear for us. For those of us who are immigrants, 
For those of us who are transgender, 
For those of us whose skin is dark,
For those of us who are poor,
For those of us who are ill, 
For those of us who are workers,
For those of us who are women,
For all those whose bodies and speech and bank accounts and lives are not like the ones we are told we should want. 
And for those who struggle and fear and grieve along with us.
I call to the ancestors, the heroes, the beloved dead:
You who have struggled. 
You who have known fear and grieving.
You who have lived and died and passed into the halls of the gods.
Teach us. 
Teach us to struggle. 
Teach us to persevere. 
Teach us to hold each other in the darkness.
Teach us to recognize each other as family,
One humanity, mortal and vulnerable:
Teach us to rise to meet our challenges,
To do the work ahead of us
Now, and until the day when we follow you down the shadowed path.
Committee and Business Meetings:
Thursday, November 1: Ritual Teams Meeting - 7 pm at Heart of the Dove.
Wednesday, November 14: Social Justice Committee Meeting - 7 pm at Erin's house.
Saturday, November 17: Ritual for Business - 10 am at Heart of the Dove.
Sunday, December 2: Ritual Teams Meeting - 1 pm at Heart of the Dove.
Wednesday, December 12: Social Justice Committee Meeting - 7 pm at Erin's house.
Saturday, December 15: Ritual for Business - 10 am at Heart of the Dove.

Upcoming events:

November 11 - Kansas City Interfaith Council's Thanksgiving Dinner. This year's dinner will honor Barbara Criswell, a long-time Pagan leader and the owner of Aquarius Books. Voices of Gaia will perform, along with other entertainment. Tickets are $18.
November 16 - Games night. Come play with us! We meet at 7pm at Heart of the Dove to play board, card, and other games. All ages welcome, no official business allowed.
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