Earth Healer - Spring 2019 Edition
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We froze and thawed, froze and thawed, over and over again, but now, Spring is upon us! We join with cold and worn-out folks all over the Northern Hemisphere to welcome back flowers, light, and the promise of warmth. Bright blessings to all, and may Spring bring you joy!

In this edition of the Earth Healer, check out our schedule of services and events betwen now and Beltane, learn about how we select an annual patron deity each year, and look for ways you can help Gaia Community help in Kansas City and around the world.
Altar with Gaia statue, cup, flowers, and tools
Upcoming Rituals and Sunday Services

These events are held Sunday afternoons, from 4p to 6p, at the Heart of the Dove, unless otherwise specified. All are welcome!

March 17 - High Holiday: Freya and Spring
Facilitated by David and Erin.
This has been an unusually long and strong winter (for recent years, anyway) but the signs of spring are all around us. The ground is thawing, the piles of snow are shrinking, and the crocuses are starting to poke their leaves out. Come join us in a celebration and collaboration of joy with our patron of the year, Freya! 
Social hour at 3 pm. Ritual starts at 4 pm. There's a potluck following so bring a dish to serve 8, and your own place settings.

March 24 - Class: Folk Magic in the US
Facilitated by Barbara.
Folk Magic…what magic did you grow up using?  What “old wives tales” did you hear from the old wives in your family and friends?  We will explore some beliefs and practices that are deemed to officially be “folk magic”, and discuss where the line might be between “folk magic” and “religious practice”…if there is a line???

March 31 - Ritual: Singing Meditation

Facilitated by Jamie and Kitty.
Singing together strengthens community, reduces stress, and builds joy. Silence gives us an opportunity to reflect, respond, or just be.  This week, please join us for a service of song and contemplation.

April 7 - Workshop: Urban Gardening

Facilitated by Kitty.
Learn about the ins and outs of growing things in small spaces from a special guest!

April 14 - Class: Traditionally Masculine Archetypes

Facilitated by Matt.
While frequently presented as personality archetypes for those who identify as male, the energy states identified as the Lover, the King, the Magician, and the Guide have something to offer everyone regardless of their positioning on the gender spectrum. Join us for a class facilitated by Matt, exploring these personality states and what position they may play in our lives now or soon.

April 21 - Ritual: Earth Day
Facilitated by Kimberly.
Gaia Community’s mission covenant instructs us, in part, “to celebrate the fullness and healing power of Nature, of which we are a part”. In this ritual, we honor the Earth in all its beauty and variety, and affirm our commitments to the web of life.

April 28 - High Holiday: Beltane
Facilitated by Erin and Jamie.

The wheel of the year turns to Beltane, the festival of joy, love, and fertility! Please join us for a Beltane celebration in honor of Freyr. Ritual will be followed by a potluck meal, please bring a dish to share and your own reusable place setting.

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Tea and Conversation 

Want to hang out with Gaians and friends? We host a hospitality hour each Sunday before ritual. This is a great time to meet people, ask questions, or just have some social time together. Warm beverages and snacks are available starting at 3pm every Sunday at Heart of the Dove.
Patron of the Year 2019-2020:

Who will be Gaia Community's next annual patron? By your nominations, it will be one of these ten powers:
Athena, Greek goddess of knowledge and strategy, friend to heroes, and guardian of cities;
Caffeina, modern goddess of the power of stimulating beverages and muse to philosophers and revolutionaries;
Columbia, American goddess of democracy, liberty, and the highest ideals of the nation;
Ganesha, Hindu god of wisdom, success, and good fortune, called "remover of obstacles";
The Green Man, British god of woods, witches, and wilderness, patron of growing things; 
Horus, Egyptian god of the sky, protection, just action, and rightful sovereignty;
Kuan Yin, Buddhist bodhisattva of mercy and compassion, called "(s)he who hears the cries of the world";
Ostara, Germanic goddess of spring and fertility, associated with the growing season; 
Scathách, Irish goddess of initiations and war, who trains great heroes; or
Venus, Roman goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, and victory, sometimes called "changer of hearts".

In the next phase of selection, we'll narrow the field down to three candidates in a kind of primary election. Between now and the end of our Beltane ritual on 4/28, members of Gaia Community can vote online to choose the next patron, and members and visitors to our services can pick up a paper ballot and cast their vote. Only one vote per person will be counted, so please either vote online or in person, but not both. The winners will be determined by a ranked choice vote tally on 4/28, and the results will be published on our Facebook page, our website, and in the next issue of this newsletter. 

Questions? Please send us an email.  
Caring for the Earth and Each Other

Food drive for Harvesters - Ongoing. Every week, we collect non-perishable food and household items for Harvesters, KC's community food network. You can help by collecting some of their most needed items, and bringing them to the Sunday service. Not going to make it to a Sunday with us any time soon? They also cheerfully accept money gifts

Stuff drive for Hope Haven - Every Sunday through Beltane.
 Hope Haven of Cass County supports victims of domestic violence with community services, a secure shelter for women and children (and their pets), and advocacy. They are also developing a secure shelter program for men who are victims of domestic violence. We are collecting some of their most needed items between now and Beltane, to deliver to them in May. You can also support Hope Haven by donating money or sending items to them directly from their Amazon wish list

Day of action: Blue River Rescue - April 6. 
Gaia joins other like-minded folks to clean up the Blue River. See "Upcoming Events" below for more details. 

Education, action, and advocacy: Drawdown EcoChallenge - April 3 - April 24. Join our team for an online challenge to learn about and resist climate change. The EcoChallenge is based on the principles outlined by Project Drawdown for mitigating climate change through a mix of individual, corporate, and society-level actions. You don't have to be a member of Gaia Community to join our team - we welcome everyone to learn and do along with us. 
Committee and Business Meetings:
Sunday, April 7: Ritual Teams Meeting - 1 pm at Heart of the Dove.
Wednesday, April 10: Social Justice Committee Meeting - 7 pm at Erin's house.
Saturday, April 20: Ritual for Business, including Board of Trustee elections - 10 am at Heart of the Dove. 

Upcoming events:

April 2 - Midtown Coffee Coven. Join us at Equal Minded Cafe from 11am to 1pm to meet new friends and chat about pagan and magical topics. 

April 2 - Kansas City Municipal Election. KCMO voters, remember to cast your ballots!

April 6 - Blue River Rescue. Join hundreds of ecologically-minded people from accross the metro to clean the banks of the Blue River. Gaia Community has been a part of the Blue River Rescue for almost 20 years - join our team and help us keep the tradition alive! The Rescue starts at 8am, and goes to noon. Please meet at Lakeside Nature Center to get your t-shirt and equipment. 

April 19 - Games night. Come play with us! We meet at 7pm at Heart of the Dove to play board, card, and other games. All ages welcome, no official business allowed.
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