Earth Healer - Beltane 2019 Edition
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Welcome and be blessed! Summer is a'comin' in, with sun and lots of storms! 

In this edition of the Earth Healer, look for our schedule of upcoming events, and an update on our patron selection for 2019-2020.
Altar with Gaia statue, cup, flowers, and tools
Upcoming Rituals and Sunday Services

These events are held Sunday afternoons, from 4p to 6p, at the Heart of the Dove, unless otherwise specified. All are welcome!

May 5 - Class: Magical Herb Gardens
Facilitated by Erin.
In this class, Erin will share her knowledge and experience about planning, planting, and using your magical herb garden!

May 12 - Forum: General Assembly
Facilitated by Barbara.
The principle issue currently on the 2019 UUA agenda is to vote on a 4-page Statement of Conscience on “Our Democracy, Uncorrupted.”  This statement touches on many of the issues that I know are close to the hearts of Gaians:  the ugly persistence of structures of white power and supremacy throughout the US, including government at every level; the role of money in government; and many other social justice issues.  As a congregation, we may be able to vote on whether or not the entire UUA organization should adopt this statement; more importantly, as citizens we should all review the content, including suggestions for action, and consider the extent to which we, the congregation, individually and collectively stand behind the adoption of this extremely meaning expression of our own consciences.  I strongly urge members to review this statement and come prepared for a lively and heartfelt discussion about what aspects of this statement mean to us.  Printed copies of the statement will be available, but as much as possible, let’s minimize the massacre of trees in this effort.
May 19 - Ritual: Racial Justice/The 8th Principle
Facilitated by Jamie and Barbara.
The UUA is contemplating the addition of an 8th Principle to our Principles and Purposes, committing us explicitly to work for racial justice. In this ritual, we explore the possibilities of expanding our commitment to that work, and ground it in our own pagan practices.

May 26 - Sharing Our Spirits Ritual

Facilitated by Erin.
Sharing Our Spirits rituals are co-created by the folks who attend, giving us a chance to celebrate each other's gifts and attend to each other's needs. If you have a particular invocation, poem, song, story, dance, prayer, or other ritual idea, please bring it! If you have a particular need or intention, bring that, too.

June 2 - Workshop: Meditation Techniques

Facilitated by Jamie.
In this workshop, we will learn about and have the opportunity to practice a variety of methods for meditation, building our skills for ritual and everyday spiritual practice.

June 9 - Ritual: The Beautiful Goddess
Facilitated by Kimberly.
We honor Freya, our patroness of the year, with a ritual grounded in beauty and the love of beauty. In this work, we seek to better appreciate the worth of the world around us, each other, and ourselves. 

June 16 - Class: Brownies and House Spirits
Facilitated by Kitty.

Learn about the unseen inhabitants of your house! We'll examine the lore of house and home spirits and learn to build a better relationship with our own house-elves and wights. 

June 23 - High Holiday: Summer Solstice
Facilitated by Jamie and David.
We celebrate the high sun and the powers of Summer. Ritual will be followed by a potluck meal, so please bring a dish to share and your own reuseable tableware if you are able. 

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Tea and Conversation 

Want to hang out with Gaians and friends? We host a hospitality hour each Sunday before ritual. This is a great time to meet people, ask questions, or just have some social time together. Warm beverages and snacks are available starting at 3pm every Sunday at Heart of the Dove.
Patron of the Year 2019-2020:

Our "patron primary" is over, and Gaians and friends have selected the three powers who will go on to the next phase of our selection process. They are:
Horus, Egyptian god of the sky, protection, just action, and rightful sovereignty;
Kuan Yin, Buddhist bodhisattva of mercy and compassion, called "(s)he who hears the cries of the world"; and
Scathách, Irish warrior goddess famed for her independence and her mentorship of champions.

These three powers will take part in the final part of patron selection, the God Auction, on July 14. In the God Auction, teams representing each power will vie for the support of Gaians and friends, as represented by donations of money to Gaia Community and/or donations of food items to Harvesters in that power's name. The power that recieves the most support will become the patron of the year beginning August 2019. 

Committee and Business Meetings:
Tuesday, May 7: Ritual Teams Meeting - 7 pm at Heart of the Dove.
Wednesday, May 8: Social Justice Committee Meeting - 7 pm at Erin's house.
Saturday, May 18: Ritual for Business - 10 am at Heart of the Dove. 
Wednesday, June 5: Ritual Teams Meeting - 7 pm at Heart of the Dove.
Wednesday, June 12: Social Justice Committee Meeting - 7 pm at Erin's house.
Saturday, June 15: Ritual for Business - 10 am at Heart of the Dove. 
Upcoming events:

May 7 - Midtown Coffee Coven. Join us at Equal Minded Cafe from 11am to 1pm to meet new friends and chat about pagan and magical topics. 

May 17 - Games night. Come play with us! We meet at 7pm at Heart of the Dove to play board, card, and other games. All ages welcome, no official business allowed.

June 4 - Midtown Coffee Coven. Join us at Equal Minded Cafe from 11am to 1pm to meet new friends and chat about pagan and magical topics. 

June 21 - Games night. Come play with us! We meet at 7pm at Heart of the Dove to play board, card, and other games. All ages welcome, no official business allowed.
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