This Sunday (8/2): Lughnassadh

“Lugh the Many-Skilled” by Joanna Powell Colbert. You can see more of her work here:

Join Jamie and Matt on Sunday, August 2nd for an ADF-style celebration of Lughnassadh where we consider Lugh as the upholder of Oaths and the Law. As part of ritual, we’ll be making art – please choose one of the provided coloring pages or bring a craft you’re already working on. If you need a page brought to you, please let us know! You will find it helpful to your practice if a bowl for offerings, some offerings of your choice for the powers, a beverage of your choice for the blessing cup, a chalice, and a means of lighting it are all available in your space for ritual.

You can find us at – we will host an hour of social/prep time from 3 to 4, and the ritual will begin at 4pm.

Welcome Hermes, Gaia’s New Patron of the Year

By ranked choice vote, the community has chosen Hermes to be our next patron of the year!

In the first round, Hermes and Freyr tied with 36.8% of the vote. Spider Woman received 26.3%. Because no candidate took a majority of the vote, the third place candidate was eliminated, and those voters’ second choices were tallied. This gave Hermes 61.1% of the second-round vote to Freyr’s 38.9%.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the patron selection process for 2020! Thanks also to FairVote for the use of their RankIt site, where we collected and tallied the votes.

This Sunday (7/26): Farewell to Horus

We started our ritual year with Horus by crafting feathers for ways to increase ma’at. This year has been in some ways a tribulation, both for us and for the rest of the world. We’ll review some of those commitments and the things we have learned from our year working with Horus before we send him back to his other duties and responsibilities.

As usual we will be holding this ritual in our Zoom video chat:
Meeting ID: 444 999 4327

For this ritual you may want to bring: a chalice/candle, water and baking soda/natron to cleanse with, and a bit of ‘whole food’, wine, juice, or some food you made yourself to offer as we work. Remember that at the end of Egyptian ritual, food items offered revert to the participants. Social time begins at 3p Central, ritual at 4.

This Sunday (7/19): Honoring Freyr

This Sunday we will hold the last of three rituals in honor of the powers chosen as potential patrons for Gaia Community for the next year. After three weeks, we will hold a vote among community members and friends to choose a deity to work with from this July to next.

Come and join us this Sunday as we honor and discuss Freyr’s potential patron perks. Be thinking of a skill you would like to refine. Please have a cup/chalice/horn of a beverage to partake of, a small piece of paper, a writing implement, and a candle for the chalice lighting if you would like.

This event will be held at We will open the room for social hour at 3 pm Central, with the ritual to begin at 4.

This Sunday (7/12) : Honoring Hermes

This Sunday we will hold the second of three rituals in honor of the powers chosen as potential patrons for Gaia Community for the next year. After three weeks, we will hold a vote among community members and friends to choose a deity to work with from this July to next.
In this ritual, we travel from ancient Greece to the modern Internet-enabled world in search of Hermes, the many-faced god of communications, trade, thievery, and magic. We find the clever god engaged in the art of connection and the creation of possibility. He inspires us to respect the stranger and seek peace, to provide care and hospitality to the traveler, the foreigner, the oppressed, the dying. With Hermes’ help, we wonder: how can we negotiate, barter, or steal a better society for ourselves and our communities?

Please join us at:
We hold social hour from 3p – 4p central time, with the ritual beginning at 4.
You may want: A candle, matches, a bowl of water, and a comfortable place to sit.
This ritual will be recorded.

This Sunday (7/5): Honoring Spider Woman

This Sunday we will hold the first of three rituals in honor of the powers chosen as potential patrons for Gaia Community for the next year. After three weeks, we will hold a vote among community members and friends to choose a deity to work with from this July to next. The first ritual honors Spider Woman:

The call from Spider Woman from the ancient Southwest to Gaia Community in 21st Century America, is a call to wholeness, integrity and harmony with the world as it is. Spider Woman weaves the universe, a holy pattern in its intricate complexity and infinite beauty, a shining web of life. She calls us to a new consciousness of the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part. On our own home soil, wherever we are living, each of us must find our own unique place in the web. She calls to us to walk in beauty every day, to recognize the inherent harmony of all of nature. She calls to us to care for the earth and each other in the deepest possible way, extending our relationships to include all members of the family of creation. Spider Woman is calling to us–will you listen to her call?

We encourage participants to gather a candle and fire (or electric candle), a bowl of water, a writing implement of choice, paper and some scissors, to do some work at home along with the ritual. As we do each Sunday, we’ll have an hour to chat before ritual, starting at 3, and the ritual will begin at 4 Central.

This Sunday (6/28) – Bardic Circle

Join us this Sunday for a virtual bardic circle! We’ll spin tales, sing songs, and share poetry with each other. Suggested topics for this month include tales of justice or changing the world. Even if you won’t be sharing, please still attend; an appreciative audience is a bard’s best friend. We’ll open our zoom room (link below) at 3 pm Central for social time, with the bardic circle beginning at 4 pm.

This Sunday (6/21) – Summer Solstice!

In Ancient Egypt, the time of the summer solstice was when the star Sirius appeared in the dawn sky letting the Egyptians know that the Nile River would soon rise and flood the fields, bringing silt to replenish the soil and water to grow the crops. The reappearance of Sirius marked the Egyptian New Year. In myth, Horus had finally conquered Set, a victory which restored divine order and fertility to Egypt, and allowed the Nile floods to come, bringing life back to the Nile valley. It was also said that the goddess Isis was mourning her dead husband, Osiris, and that her tears made the Nile rise and well over.

To celebrate Summer Solstice we’ll be weaving the story of the Inundation of the Nile with present day events. We’ll be finding ways to renew and recharge ourselves with the summer sun, and turning the wheel of time to bring desired change.

Please join us at 3 pm for coffee hour and chat, with the ritual to begin at 4 pm.

Things to bring to ritual:
a candle for chalice,
water with natron (or salt and baking soda) mixed in, for purification,
A small item you have charged (let sit) in the sun, something you might be able to carry with you in a pocket
Optional – If you like to activate an altar at home during ritual, we will be invoking the elements of air, fire, water and earth and the deities, Isis, Horus, and Set. You might also want an image of the Wheel of Fortune card from the Tarot.