December 2018 Ritual for Business Minutes

Present: Susi, Devin, Erin, David, Kimberly, Katie

  1. Roles: Katie as Vibes Watcher, David as Parliamentarian, and Erin wielded the Spatula. We decided not to have a specific Devil’s Advocate unless we need it; we’re pretty contrary as a rule.
  2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
  3. Agenda: approved as presented.
  4. Minutes: approved November minutes.
  5. Treasurer: Pledges stand at 79.74% of pledges ($6784.14); incorporation paperwork has been filed and renewed; it turned out to be $35 instead of $50. Church Mutual has not been paid yet but will be; it is not overdue, but Devin wants to get ahead of the bill. Total income YTD still exceeds expenses YTD.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. KidSpace – we had some new children show up last week! Yule will be partly intergenerational. Devin wants to get some shelving to anchor to the walls.
    2. Communications – Editorial Policy meeting is scheduled for December 19th (next Wednesday). Gaia has new business cards printed, they look pretty cool. There is one box in the Greeters Box, and the other is on top of the stationary cabinet. Please take some and distribute some! The WordPress upgrade is complete, though they didn’t put out the new editor this time, which is mildly vexing to Kimberly (and probably only Kimberly). Kimberly needs an officer to assist with getting Stripe set up; they will try to coordinate that with Devin at the longest night vigil at his house.
    3. Social Justice/Welcoming – met this week to make things for Operation Warm and Cozy; about six people came and made/brought lots of things. We need to bring a hole punch to make contact/gift cards and attach to the items.
    4. Ritual Teams – created a schedule of Sunday events through Beltane and assigned people to most of them. There are still plenty of slots for people who could not make it to the meeting.
    5. Liaison – Barbara has been working on getting the lease signed, probably tomorrow.
    6. Nom Com – no tasks, no report.
    7. Membership – we had two new people last week, and some other potential new members to get in touch with, probably after New Year’s. One of the new ones met Matt at a WMU, and the other came to the cafe WMU.
    8. Stewardship/Platforms – Matt sent in a digital report; there has been no recent progress on event planning, due to schedules, sickness, etc. Kimberly will coordinate coffee circle tomorrow if necessary. Important safety tip: fill the coffee urn with water before turning it on! Otherwise it spits boiling water at you when you put water in!
  7. Old Business
    1. Potlucks – the discussion on exact dates still needs to happen; Barbara’s plan is to ask for a handful of ‘floating days’ to take place when other things are not happening here in the building. We should see the lease tomorrow to confirm that, and then we can schedule them.
    2. Mugs – Kimberly has secured a vendor for 36 mugs for $130, but now wants to have Gaia pay up front (due to the state of their personal bank account). Consensed to raise the allotted amount to cover the actual cost.