Herb Magic Workshop Links and Resources

Class materials:

Online resources:

Field guides:
  • Missouri Conservation Department – Also includes field guides for trees, mushrooms, and wildlife. Local plants identified with pictures and descriptions. Poisonous, edible, and endangered plants clearly labeled.
  • Kansas Native Plant Identification Guide – Plants identified by description, and some pictures. Focus is on wildflowers and other non-woody plants.
dried herbs for sale:
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – Good selection, mostly organics. Each item is labeled with medical uses, some folklore, and precautions if used internally or on skin.
  • Life Thyme Botanicals (Belton) – Local option!
  • AzureGreen  – Supplier with a magical focus. Items are labeled with folklore and magical uses. NOTE: poisonous herbs are not labeled as such, please cross-reference!
herb and flower seeds:
Learning about herb lore and medicine:
  • Prairie Wise School – Longstanding Kansas resource for learning herbal medicine and lore. Focused on local plants. They offer workshops, nature walks, and a three-year program in herbalism.
  • Resource list compiled by herbgeek.com – Covers a number of useful resources for herbal medicine. Free!
  • Herbal Riot – Witch blog, sadly no longer maintained. Discusses gardening, herb magic, medicines, aromatherapy and other topics of interest.

Books referenced:

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