June 2017 Ritual for Business Minutes

Ritual for Business 6/24/2017

In attendance: Rosemary, Barbara, Katie, Devin, David, Jan, Matt, Kimberly, Erin, Kitty

I. Roles – Kimberly for Red Tape, Katie for Vibes Watcher, Barbara for Non Sequitur, David for Devil’s Advocate

II. Agenda – Adjusting order to push Business up next to the Treasurer’s Report so Devin can escape early.

III. Minutes – none from May as there was no quorum; April’s minutes were read. Accepted as amended.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – We paid off the UUA, so we can vote! A few differences between budgeted and actual, but spending is well under target.

* General Fund – $ 7197.90

* Kidspace – $ 468.71

* Home Fund – $ 766.89

2017-2018 Budget – Some small adjustments from last year to match up with actual historical spending & income, but mostly in line with what we’re used to. Advertising has been added as a line item, as well as one for 501(c)3 filing. New Home Fund line has been beefed up a bit in anticipation of potential building (insurance, etc.) expenses. Consensus was reached.

V. Committee Reports

A. Kidspace – We have had a series of “meetlings” and are trying to craft a plan for handling our current sporadic attendance.

B. Communications – Earth Healer will go out soon; do we need to write stump speeches for the godden? Yes. Yes, we do. Facebook events have been happening, and graphics are being updated. We will be having a meeting to discuss advertising soon.

C. Social Justice – Movies have not been getting good attendance, so they are going to stop happening at HotD. Erin will probably keep having them, but at her house instead on July 5. New themes will be decided upon when the winner of God Auction has been determined.

D. Ritual Teams – Keeps on keepin’ on. Updated calendar cycle to Samhain. We have a new member who is interested, but Kimberly cannot functionally run an EIR class for one person. There is some possibility in exploring the idea of a mentorship model idea for her.

E. Liaisons

1. Mannheim – Election season; kept the same president, but their old treasurer went MIA. Their new treasurer is Bill. David is the designated Switzerland, so he gets to count their votes.

2. Building – Kitty is depositing checks, but doesn’t currently have access to the account. She will be addressing this. There are also several events happening this week in the building, and all offices upstairs are officially rented out. Sunday of the Patron Farewell, there is an event that evening, so we will need to be cleaned up and out from ritual by 6:15. We need to adjust our schedule block, as it is currently built on the assumption that we still have 3:00 rituals.

F. Stewardship – We’re throwing a party on August 5 for Dionysus! There will be free entry, donation bar, & raffle; theatrical ritual opening, snacks, etc. The main focus will be some sort of theatrical competition. Please push it on Facebook!

G. Membership – New member class is being taught to a new person.

H. NomCom – We ought to elect a GA delegate next year.

VI. Old Business

A. Sign – Nothing currently to report, but we need to order one. This is officially in Liaisons’ court right now.

B. New Phone – Placeholder until someone has new information on options.

VII. New Business

A. Proposal for RfBs – When we moved to this building, we realized that the local neighborhood association met the same weekend we did, so we moved our meeting from the 2nd to the 4th Saturdays of the month. David has compiled some actual data regarding holidays and events, which has revealed that the 4th Saturday is the absolute worst week we could have chosen. “We will put out via our social media channels a proposal to move the RfB to the third Saturday of the month, to take effect sometime before Labor Day. We will provide a period of at least one month for comment before bringing it back to RfB for consensus.”

B. Stewardship Proposal – Should we pay for some Facebook advertising for events? It’s low-cost, but the rewards are uncertain. We are going to push this over to Communications to sort out the details, as this is already funded by the new budget.

VII. Announcements