March 2016 Ritual for Business Minutes

March 2016

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 3/26/2016

Present: Erin, David, Kimberly, Barbara, Jan, Scot, Devin, Rosemary

  1. Roles: Erin as Vibes Watcher, Barbara as Parliamentarian, Devin as Non Sequitur, and David as Devil’s Advocate.
  2. Chalice: lit by Barbara
  3. Agenda approved as written.
  4. Minutes approved as read.
  5. Treasurer’s report: no report sent
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications – chair was not present, but things seem to be proceeding as normal lately.
    2. Kidspace – still about one kid present recently. Devin has been trying to arrange a meeting with Linda.
    3. Ritual Teams – titles and ritualists have been assigned for May to August, which gets us past God Auction.
    4. Membership – Greeter’s Table has been mostly staffed, though some people’s schedules kept them from meeting their assigned days. Anyone who is a regular greeter has access to add their own N/A to the spreadsheet, so David doesn’t accidentally double-book you.
    5. Pretty Committee – took down the display in the north front room; holding off on a new display due to renovations.
    6. Social Justice – King Corn was shown on the second Thursday of March, with the usual attendees there. April’s documentary will be A Place At The Table, which is about food justice.
      Blue River Rescue will be on April 2nd, which is next Saturday, so there is no ongoing event right now until after that. Let David know if you are attending; let Kimberly know if you are coming to lunch afterward.
    7. Stewardship – Pledge Sunday will be in May, as a wrap-up to pledge drive. Due to our size, it will probably be a pretty low-key drive.
    8. Welcoming – Kansas is trying to pass a ‘bounty’ system for catching people whose genitalia don’t match the bathroom of the educational institution. In Missouri the Legislature is trying to pass (and probably will pass) a ballot measure that would enshrine religious freedom (to discriminate) in the state constitution. Kimberly will pass on more information about those local issues soon.
    9. Site/LLC Liaison – Barbara and Jan and Danny and Lynn met again; they are continuing to work upstairs, though they are delaying working downstairs for a least a couple weeks. Wednesday April 13th there will be a Folk Medicine event here; we don’t have a lot of details but they did say they need ten people to attend to make it viable. Jan or Barbara will contact Lynn to get more details so we can publicize it.
      April 16th there will be a Drumming Workshop. Today there is a Shamanic Breathing event going on upstairs, 10-5.
      There may be a wedding held here in October; that event will be a Sunday so we’ll need to make sure to arrange ourselves upstairs and publicize to come in through the north door.
      Danny is still doing all of this work prior to a formal arrangement or partnership in the LLC; Barbara has reiterated that we will support that change being made with associated paperwork.
      Kimberly also noted that we have had two incidents of the alarm from 4329 going off again, and our key has gone missing. Hopefully we’ll find it today during the closet cleanout, but if not we should make arrangements to get several copies made from Vicky’s (Danny does not have one currently, either). Hopefully the shutoff code is still the same as when Kimberly had it last time; code was shared with those present.
      There is still a plan to modify at least one of the downstairs bathrooms to make it ADA compliant.David did not attend Manheim’s meeting this month due to a scheduling conflict.
    10. NomCom – Elections will be in April. David made sure the current NomCom have access to the spreadsheet which tracks historical data, who has talked to who, etc.
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. Minutes – Erin requested that the Minutes go back into the Earth Healer, which would not increase the amount of paper we use since it is almost always digital now. Barbara noted that since the EH is not monthly anymore, some months would have one set of Minutes, and some would have two. David suggested that it might be easier to post an announcement when they get uploaded to their usual place on the website; Jan said a standing link in the Earth Healer of where to find the minutes on the website would be a good idea.