Mission Covenant

As an Earth-based Unitarian Universalist congregation, we of the Gaia Community, gather to honor the inherent sacredness of Nature in a family-supportive environment where diversity of belief and lifestyle is respected. We care for the Earth and each other because our lives depend on it.

Our mission is to provide a spiritual home and point of connection for those seeking to:

  • celebrate the fullness and healing power of Nature of which we are a part;
  • honor the divine in all forms, manifestations, and genders;
  • take responsibility for their spiritual growth in the context of shared ministry and democratic decision-making;
  • model and to teach sustainable living in both an urban and rural context.

In so doing we will reclaim and reintegrate Earth-based spirituality and Paganism that they might be restored to their rightful place of dignity among the family of religious traditions.

We covenant to strengthen our community of joy and caring by treating each other with loving-kindness, celebrating each other’s growth, accepting each other’s limitations, honoring each other’s unique path and by welcoming all who share these values.