November 2016 Ritual for Business Minutes

Minutes Ritual For Business 11/26/2016

Present: David, Devin, Jan, Erin, Susi, Katie

  • Roles: David as Parliamentarian, Jan as Devil’s Advocate, Erin as Vibes Watcher, and Devin wielded the Spatula.
  • Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
  • Agenda: approved as made.
  • Minutes: approved as read.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Devin provided a printed report. We got a $63 love offering on First Fridays for our singing efforts. $366 was raised for the people going to Standing Rock to help out. Devin and Matt still need to do some research on whether it makes sense to convert the telephone.
  • Committees:
    • Communications:
    • KidSpace: with Faire over, KidSpace has started happening again slightly more regularly.
    • Ritual Teams: meetings continue to happen and get business done. Next month (December 4th) will be our first RTM on a Sunday, instead of Monday, to accommodate our complicated social calendars. That meeting will take place before ritual, at 1PM.
      Devin asked that maybe we schedule a workshop or ritual that builds seed bombs sometime before April, to help with his secret PV project.
    • Membership: Katie asked that someone reach out to Tamillia, who has been coming as part of Voices of Gaia.
    • Social Justice: two people showed up for the movie viewing in November; they are both members of the committee. Two people came to the committee meeting; they decided to offer a Greening the Basket for the Standing Rock crew. Brunch and Bowl was a rousing success, with six of our people occupying a lane. LGBTQ youth came around and talked to people at each lane; the youth our group spoke to was transgendered, black, and Muslim, so has no family support whatsoever. He really complimented our group’s attentiveness and welcoming nature (everyone ‘leaned in’ when he talked, rather than sitting back). AVP has also partnered with an organization that is offering direct support to victims of DV.
      Also before Games Night, the committee tied out the remaining scarves on the trees for people who were cold. There is no coordinated ScarfBombKC so far for this year, but a lot of individuals are doing it informally anyway. Erin wants to put out gloves and socks as well.
      In January we’ll pick back up movie showings, probably The New Black; December will just be too busy.
    • Stewardship: Kimberly reported no new projects at present; we’ll probably start something back up after Yule.
    • Welcoming: we continue to try to be welcoming, though often the issues coincide with our Social Justice functions. We will talk to the committee members about possibly merging the two.
    • Liaisons: Jan said not much has been going on with the LLC; she wants to talk to Danny or Lyn about ensuring that there is passable space in the shared closet, without overstuffing the room.
      David did not attend Manheim’s meeting this month due to a scheduling conflict. There has been no chatter on the garden project.
    • NomCom: no report. Website needs to be updated for the current roster.
  • Old Business:
    • KCPT: The reporter came and took pictures, asked questions, at our service. She had also interviewed the Boyces the previous evening about their personal practice; and by all reports it was a nice accounting.