November 2017 Ritual for Business Minutes

Ritual for Business November 18, 2017

In attendance: Erin, Devin, Rosemary. Katie, Jan, Barbara, David, Kimberly

I. Roles

Non Sequitur – Barbara

Devil’s Advocate – Jan

Vibes Watcher – Katie

Red Tape – Devin

II. Agenda – Approved

III. Minutes – Approved as read.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Member pledges are at 72.92%; still well ahead on fundraising thanks to God Auction. Phone has been killed to death. We are now paying a Kidspace teacher. We will be making a payment to the UUA shortly.

General Fund – $11,375.68

Kidspace – $468.71

Home – $766.89

V. Committee Reports

A. Kidspace – It is happening; we have regular children! We need better organization furniture for “putting things away” because right now when things are “away” is a matter that is highly subject to opinion.

B. Communications – The new website has been up for about a month; everything is working really well. It’s very easy to make changes to the site. The next challenge is figuring out how to drive more traffic to the site. Facebook continues to be made of shenanigans; we work around as best we can. We are also likely going to set up a Discord server for general chat purposes.

C. Social Justice – Met and are going to try to roll out a climate change project in January. We’re going to focus on Harvester’s collections since kids are going to be out of school for upcoming holidays.

D. Ritual Teams – Examining EIR to look at breaking it into two classes; public-facing and Gaia-facing. Looking at doing EIR in March. December meeting will be on the 3rd; working on ritual titles.

E. Liaisons –

Kitty – There hasn’t really been a building meeting, but there have been some text conversations.

David – The Mannheim meeting got a bit contentious this month, so David spent some of it picking up trash outside. (They tried to impeach an officer. They failed.)

F. Stewardship – No significant report this month.

G. Membership – Potential new member has been attending for a while.

H. NomCom – Looking for a new RTC cause David has been doing it for seven thousand years and would like to have a nap. (Kimberly would do it, but they’d like to pass Stewardship on first.)

VI. Old Business

A. Update on phone – we have successfully navigated the Goblin City and the new phone has been switched over and forwarding to Katie.

B. GA – Kitty presented a write-up of the November GA planning meeting. They’re looking for a number of volunteers. We might see if we can put on a ritual for the CUUPS folks visiting.

VII. New Business

A. Kidspace Cookies – Devin floated the idea of having cookies available for donation in the lobby with proceeds going to Kidspace; there were concerns brought up about mess, securing money, etc. A First Friday bake sale was brought up as a viable alternative. We need to look into what details & logistics this would involve.

VII. Announcements