October 2017 Ritual for Business Minutes

Ritual for Business October 21, 2017

In attendance: Susi, Barbara, Jan, Erin, Devin, Kitty, Kimberly, David, Rosemary, Katie, John

I. Roles

Non Sequitur – Katie

Devil’s Advocate – Jan

Vibes Watcher – Kimberly

Red Tape – David

II. Agenda – Approved

III. Minutes – Approved as read.

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Currently at 90% YTD target. Right now the hope is the increase in Kidspace services will drive an increase in membership. We also are still paying too much for the phone. Devin has plans to increase the precision of his reports.

General Fund – $10,711.46

Kidspace – $468.71

Home – $766.89

V. Committee Reports

A. Kidspace – Devin is working on the Eventbrite entry for the Nightmare before Christmas party. We have the room; the past two weeks has a 50% use rate. Barbara has a line on a potential teacher; there is paperwork we can get together to avoid tax debacles as have happened in the past.

B. Communications – Met on Oct 16 and built a new website. Based on WordPress, it is shiny and full of information. Customization options are plentiful. Kimberly would appreciate picture & content contributions. Also looking at Facebook metrics, and they show a positive trend of traffic. Next committee meeting will focus on newsletter changes.

C. Social Justice – No meeting in Oct; we’ll have one in Nov.

D. Ritual Teams – We had a meeting and critiqued a ritual. We have a person interested in becoming a ritualist, but it’s nigh impossible to do EIR for one person. Adding to RT agenda “alternate structures for teaching our ritual style.”

E. Liaisons – David was not at the Mannhiem meeting; nothing to report.

Barbara – Kid table was at First Friday, and it was extremely popular with the few children who were there. However, our traffic in this area is pretty low during that time, and there is some discussion of switching to Second Saturday.

F. Stewardship – Will meet in Nov to discuss the possibility of doing some sort of New Year’s event.

G. Membership – Nothing to report.

H. NomCom – Nothing to report.

VI. Old Business

A. Phone – David is working on getting a new account set up as these words are being typed. By the time they are read, it will almost certainly be created. Our number will have to change and documentation will have to be updated. Proposed: to kill the old phone and stop paying the bill. Specific updates needed: the UUA, Post Office, Church Mutual (insurance), bank account (possibly) – with the understanding that these will be updated promptly, consensed.

VII. New Business

A. Bylaws – When we moved the bylaws to the new website, it necessitated looking at them. We need to update a few pieces of dated nomenclature. “Non-substantative” changes can be made without triggering the full rewrite procedures, and it is proposed that this is the case here. Consensed.

B. Paying Kidspace Staff – No changes to budgeted amounts have been proposed. No consensus required.

VII. Announcements