Welcome Freya!

FreyaGaia Community welcomes our Patroness for the 2018-2019 year: Freya, Lady of the Vanir! Over the next twelve months, we’ll honor the goddess of beauty and boundaries, fertility and magic. A series of rituals will be held in her honor (check the calendar), and her shrine will be present at each week’s ritual or other service. If you’d like to make an offering at her shrine, Erin tells us that Freya particularly enjoys amber, red jasper, cat representations, falcon representations, jewelry, poetry, magical items, flowers, bacon, chocolate, flowery wines, and rose water.

Community Update, May 2018

There’s a lot going on at Gaia!

  1. The Beltane Edition of the Earth Healer newsletter is now available.
  2. Our patron selection process for 2018-2019 moves forward with Freya, Freyr, and Prometheus entering the final round. We’ll see them at the God Auction on July 15! Our penny drive is now complete, and raised $532.27 for the community. Thanks to all who participated!
  3. Thanks also to all who participated in the Project Drawdown EcoChallenge. Our team learned about residential solar power options, planet-friendly agricultural techniques, preventing food waste, and more. We reduced our junk mail, ate more sustainable meals, and sought out alternatives to plastics for products we buy and use. We were a small but mighty presence, and we have the opportunity to bring what we learned to the larger community.
  4. Our annual pledge/membership drive continues. We’ll present a draft budget at the May Ritual for Business on 5/19.
  5. This month, we’ve got some excellent Sunday events planned: we’re talking about spirits of nature, honoring Gaia, sharing our songs and stories, and building community ritual together. Check the events calendar for more details, and we’ll see you soon!

Join our team for the Project Drawdown EcoChallenge

April 4-25, Gaians will participate in the Project Drawdown EcoChallenge, and we’d love to have your help! This game challenges us to learn about and take steps towards mitigating climate change. Participants will be challenged to make personal changes and to advocate for change in society in areas like food, transport, energy generation, support for women and girls, and others. To learn more, and to join our team, click here.

2018-2019 Patron of the Year Selection has begun!

Each July, Gaia Community chooses a deity or other power to focus on during the coming year. We start by taking nominations from the community, until we have a field of 16 potential patrons. We then narrow the field down to three with a “Penny Auction” or penny drive – each power has a collection jar at our Sunday services, and folks support their favorites by donating change in the jar(s) of the power(s) they like. This part of the process starts at Spring Equinox and runs until Beltane. The top three contenders then advance to the next round. Nominations just wrapped up, and the Penny Auction begins today! Our contenders for 2018-2019 are:

Each week, we’ll count contributions for each of the powers, and post current standings. The top three will be announced during the potluck meal following our Beltane ritual on April 29th.

Gaia Community collects for Harvesters Community Food Network

Each week at our Sunday service, Gaia collects non-perishable food items for Harvesters Community Food Network. Please help us help others this Solstice season by bringing a few items along when you join us for rituals. Harvesters accepts food in cans, boxes, or packets, but no glass containers, please. Whole-grain and high-protein food is especially useful right now, as are some household items. Thank you!


Talking Climate Change with John Fish Kurmann

This Sunday, Gaia Community will play host to local  environmental activist and organizer John Fish Kurmann, who will speak to us on “Why Climate Change Can’t Wait”. John will talk to us about the importance of work to slow the progress of climate change and the things already being done in the Kansas City area. Please join us for this important discussion! This event will be Sunday, November 19, at 4p. Everyone is invited and there is no cost to attend.