This Sunday (6/21) – Summer Solstice!

In Ancient Egypt, the time of the summer solstice was when the star Sirius appeared in the dawn sky letting the Egyptians know that the Nile River would soon rise and flood the fields, bringing silt to replenish the soil and water to grow the crops. The reappearance of Sirius marked the Egyptian New Year. In myth, Horus had finally conquered Set, a victory which restored divine order and fertility to Egypt, and allowed the Nile floods to come, bringing life back to the Nile valley. It was also said that the goddess Isis was mourning her dead husband, Osiris, and that her tears made the Nile rise and well over.

To celebrate Summer Solstice we’ll be weaving the story of the Inundation of the Nile with present day events. We’ll be finding ways to renew and recharge ourselves with the summer sun, and turning the wheel of time to bring desired change.

Please join us at 3 pm for coffee hour and chat, with the ritual to begin at 4 pm.

Things to bring to ritual:
a candle for chalice,
water with natron (or salt and baking soda) mixed in, for purification,
A small item you have charged (let sit) in the sun, something you might be able to carry with you in a pocket
Optional – If you like to activate an altar at home during ritual, we will be invoking the elements of air, fire, water and earth and the deities, Isis, Horus, and Set. You might also want an image of the Wheel of Fortune card from the Tarot.

This Sunday (6/14) – What’s Up at General Assembly

General Assembly is the annual meeting of Unitarian Universalists from all across the world – and this year it is online like so many other events. We will discuss this week the agenda and topics likely to come up during business meetings and other decision-points of GA, please join us if this is the sort of thing you are interested in. 🙂
Our virtual coffee hour starts at 3 pm Central, the forum begins at 4.

GA Agenda:

We will once again meet via Zoom ourselves:

Meeting ID: 894 9857 6624

This Sunday (6/7) – Pride Sunday

Pride Month is in June (in the United States) because of the Stonewall riots in 1969, and while this year’s public celebrations and activities are somewhat curtailed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we encourage you to join us in a celebration and memorial of our departed LGBTQ+ ancestors. Please take some time before the ritual to think about someone you would like to honor and commemorate, as we will be naming them and building a virtual ancestor shrine during the ritual. If you have a digital photo (or a link to one) , that would also be helpful!

This ritual will be conducted in the ADF style of Druidry, meaning that you may find it useful to bring things like a cup of clear cool water, a beverage of your choice for ritual toasting and the Blessing Cup, and anything that you wish to present as an Offering during that part of ritual. We will explain these steps in more detail at the start of ritual, if you are unfamiliar with the ADF ritual format.

This ritual will be held on Zoom – virtual coffee hour starts at 3pm, and the ritual will begin at 4pm:

This Sunday: Arts and Craft – Our Spiritual Hobbies

This coming Sunday’s service will be a Forum on the intersection between art and magic, between craft and spirituality. We’ll share our thoughts about how we personally use our handwork (crafts, art, hobbies, skills) to further our worship, and our spirituality to enhance our art. Since we have the luxury of participating in this from our homes, I encourage you to bring out any examples of work you have done as altar objects, talismans, chant or spell-writing; or anything inspired by spiritual practice (for instance a poem inspired by a trance, or a piece of art generated from a divination, or–???) to share with everyone. Any hobby, craft, pastime, or art that you do is surely eligible! We definitely include the creating of music in this classification.

Please join us at 3pm for our virtual coffee hour, with the Forum to begin at 4pm.

This Sunday (5/17): Group Divination

Let’s solve our problems and figure out the future — together. We’ll practice three different methods of group divination — distributed inductive augury, bibliomancy, and tarot. For the first, we’ll be posting a link to a guided walking meditation for you to undertake on your own time before the workshop. Useful items to have with you include: a candle (to light a chalice at home), a book – your choice, fiction or non, at least several chapters, a tarot deck or app (such as Galaxy Tarot), a journal, and something to write with, a phone to take a picture or screenshot.Please join us from 3p – 4p CDT for social time, and the workshop beginning at 4p.

This Sunday (5/10) – In the Witch’s House

We continue to work our magic together but separately. In this ritual, we will bless and (re)claim the magical spaces in our own homes, strengthening our protections and our ties to the spirits and powers that keep company with us.

For this ritual, we ask that you clear a small space somewhere in your home to use as an altar, and that you connect with us from somewhere near that space if possible. Your altar might contain representations of your house spirits and/or personal deities; items that remind you of the way you want your home to feel; a candle or light of some kind; a bowl with salt and water; incense if appropriate; a rattle, shaker, or other noise-making tool; an empty bowl for offerings; and a snack and drink for you to share with your spirits and powers; and any decorations you like. If you don’t have all of those things to hand, don’t worry! Witches are resourceful people, and we can practice without tools and trappings if we need to.

Please join us for social hour at 3 pm, or for ritual at 4.

This Sunday (5/3): Beltane

The word ‘Beltane’ roughly translates as ‘bright fire’ and dates back to the Iron Age Celts. Fire was seen as an agent of purification and people walked, danced, or jumped over Beltane Bonfires. Farmers drove their livestock between two fires to cleanse and protect them before being put out into the fields for the summer. Most of us may not have livestock, but our need for purification is strong. Join us for an ADF-style ritual in which we will bolster our immunity and resolve to get through the rest of the COVID-19 crisis.

Props you will need at home to participate fully: a candle or two and a fire source; pen & paper or a journal; divination tools of your choice, Tarot or otherwise; a cup of a special or favorite beverage for the blessing cup; and optionally a clean bowl if you wish to make personal/physical offerings during Praise Offerings section of ritual. At the end of ritual we will talk about how to dispose of those offerings afterward.

Join Zoom Meeting – We will be online at 3 pm CDT for our virtual coffee hour, and ritual starts at 4.

Announcing our Board of Trustees for 2020-21

Results are in, and we welcome our new Board, officers, and other representatives!

President – Matt Scrivner

Vice President – Erin Scrogum

Secretary – Barbara Griggs

Treasurer – David Reynolds-Gier

Trustees – Kitty Degler, Jamie Peters, Kimberly Reynolds-Gier

Liaison to Ubuntu Village LLC – Kitty Degler

Nominating Committee – Susi Matthews, Devin Scrogum, Leo d’Entremont

Delegates to General Assembly – Susi Matthews, Kitty Degler, David Reynolds-Gier (alternate), Barbara Griggs (alternate)

Thanks to all who agreed to serve!

This Sunday: Bardic Circle

Join us this Sunday for a virtual bardic circle! We’ll spin tales, sing songs, and share poetry with each other. Our suggested theme is art about the current God Auction candidates (Freyr, Isis, Spider Woman, Old Possum, Artemis, Hermes, Weyland the Smith).Even if you won’t be sharing, please still attend; an appreciative audience is a bard’s best friend.

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 829 8637 0928
Password: 195272

This Sunday: Earth Day!

Earth Day this year takes place in a time of uncertainty, but one thing is certain: our current lower impact on the environment is visible. Mother Earth has given us a time out, and taking a moment to clean up after us, her unruly children.

This Sunday, we will explore areas of climate change and human environmental impact that don’t get much publicity. We’ll take some time to do direct action, and/or make oaths.  Before the ritual, a guide will be posted on the Facebook group with actions you can take during the work of the day or later.

For this ritual, you are encouraged to go outside, if your tech allows it, and the weather cooperates. Otherwise, if you can set-up near a window, that would be best. There are a few items that will aid your participation: a chalice, matches/lighter/firestick, and a bowl of sun-warmed water with salt if sunlight isn’t available.

Join Zoom Meeting