Hail Prometheus!

The results are in for the 2022-2023 Patron Selection, and our winner is Prometheus! It was a close race between the Greek Friend of Humanity and Xōchipilli, the Aztec Flower Prince, with Hecate, the Keeper of the Keys of the Cosmos, coming in third. We will hold a class on July 17 to learn more about Prometheus and his role, and then welcome him formally as patron on July 24. Over the next year, we’ll learn about and work with Prometheus in a number of ways, and we’ll also hold rituals in honor of Xōchipilli and Hecate. Watch the Event Calendar to find out what’s coming next!
If you are interested in how the process shook out, here is an excellent visualization of the ranked-choice vote tally for our election.

June 5 and June 12: Patron Selection mini-rituals!

Please join us Sunday June 5 and June 12 for a series of mini-rituals to introduce the eight powers nominated as potential patrons of the year for 2022-2023! On June 5, we’ll hold short rituals honoring Persephone, Lugh, Ariadne, and Xochipilli. On June 12, our rituals will be dedicated to Hecate, the World Tree, Prometheus, and Ma’at.

These rituals will be held in our space at 4327 Troost Ave, and also accessible online. You can join us online on June 5 at this link. On June 12, find us online at this link. Both Sundays will be recorded for members who can’t be present.

After June 12, we’ll take a vote and decide on our new annual patron power! Click here for more information on the patron selection process.

This Sunday: May 1 – Beltane!

Join Gaia Community in Kansas City’s Theis Park to celebrate Beltane, Sunday, May 1st! Social time at 3 pm, ritual starts at 4 pm. We’ll be looking at our fears about opening up again and releasing them by burning them away in a cauldron. Then we’ll energize our hopes for ourselves and our community as we dance around the Maypole. Please remember to bring a chair and/or blanket to sit on and drums if you want to join in. If you wish, bring a picnic dinner to eat when ritual is done.

We will be meeting within sight of the west end of the The Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden Parking lot and ritualizing on the southeast side of Frank A. Theis Park, see link: https://goo.gl/maps/CJsCP2hsirsuDm1C8 There are restrooms inside the Memorial Garden building.

If you’d like to join us online, we will be streaming the outdoor ritual on our zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88137434129?pwd=TWNOM3FWYnlERnV5aHp5VVB5MFMyZz09
Please note: There is no online social hour today. We have limited battery on the devices we’re using to stream, and want to make sure we get through the ritual. So if you’re logging on to join us, we won’t be there until a little before 4p central. Sorry about that! Social hour will return next week!

This Sunday (4/24) : Altar items from found/repurposed objects

During the past two years of isolation many of us have longed for the days when we could again work together on crafting for our Craft. While we enjoy patronizing artisans for beautiful items to grace our altars, private and public, there are times when we just can’t find (or perhaps afford) just the right tool or votive object. In this class, we will discuss, and encourage everyone to share, items that they have made, repurposed, decorated or assembled from found or unusual objects. We’ll also cover suggestions for sources, modes of embellishment, and ideas for assembling altered altar dressings. If you’ve made your own magical tools or altar items in the past, feel free to bring them and show them off! We will also provide a selection of random objects to browse through, hoping to be inspired to create something new.

This event will be held in-person and online. If you’re joining us in-person, please bring your vaccination card (and check out our other COVID safety practices). If you will be joining us from home, you will want to have a chalice available, perhaps some examples of your own creativity, and some craft materials and found objects so you can craft along with us. Here’s a link to the zoom room: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87874256640?pwd=ZE42TFplbjcrVjJqdXRvTWdKVDU3Zz09

This Sunday (4/16): Member Sunday: Gifts of the Phoenix

Join Jamie and Matt as we mark the personal sacrifices we’re making as we begin the journey of multi-platform services. We’ll also be ramping up our pledge drive and thanking our members. If you’re joining us virtually, you will need a chalice, paper and pen, and the means to burn a single sheet of paper per person attending in your space. You may also want sandalwood incense.

This event will be held in-person and online. If you’re joining us in-person, please bring your vaccination card (and check out our other COVID safety practices). If you’re joining us online, here’s a link to the zoom room: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85629631819?pwd=YUc0UFJDbUdINjlTb1JEZTF1Mkprdz09

This Sunday (4/3): Patron of the Year nominations!

Join us for a forum to begin the process of selecting our next patron. We will be building a slate of up to 8 powers to be nominated at the forum. We will have 2 services in June in which each power’s team will get a turn to advocate for their power. After that, we will vote using Ranked Choice Voting to determine our next patron. If you cannot attend and wish to nominate a power, please contact Jamie with the power’s name, pantheon/origin, and why you think they are a good choice for Gaia Community.

This event will be held in-person and online. If you’re joining us in-person, please bring your vaccination card (and check out our other COVID safety practices). If you’re joining us online, here’s a link to the zoom room: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86561469895?pwd=OVUvV1Flam5tWTErVzFFMjFHajJKZz09

Update: We’re adding an option for in-person services!

Great news – we’re going back to our old digs at 4327 Troost for Sunday services and Games Nights beginning on Sunday, April 3!

As case rates drop across the KC metro, we want to take the opportunity to see each other in person again. We recognize that COVID-19 has not gone away, though; some risks remain, especially to our disabled and chronically ill community members. We are committed to minimizing health risks at our events. We are also committed to continuing to reach those of you who need or prefer to come to us online. We ask for everyone’s help in keeping those commitments. Things may not look quite like “normal” at Gaia events, even if we are gathering in physical space again, and we ask for your patience and support as we continue to navigate this situation in accordance with our care for one another.

What does that mean? First, it means that we will continue to hold a virtual space for our rituals and other services. If distance or circumstances keep you from visiting us in person, we will still be there for you. This may be a rocky process at first as we figure out how to create multi-platform services. But over the last year, we’ve picked up some skills and some equipment to help us, and we’re going to keep learning and growing in this area.

Second, it means that we are not abandoning all our pandemic precautions in a rush to be together again. We are taking a slow and steady pace in opening up to in-person events, and things may change as conditions change. Please check out our COVID practices page for more information about what to expect.

We’re very excited about this change, and can’t wait to see you (in person or online) soon!