Ritual for Business Minutes March 2018

Ritual for Business March 17, 2018

In attendance: Barbara, Jan, Erin, Matt, Susi, Rosemary, David, Kimberly

I. Roles

Non Sequitur – Erin

Devil’s Advocate – Matt

Vibes Watcher – Jan

Red Tape – Barbara

II. Agenda – Approved

III. Minutes – Approved as read

IV. Treasurer’s Report – Current numbers do not yet reflect the purchase of two Ikea benches. Church Mutual is paid.

General Fund – $9447.44

Kidspace – $468.71

Home – $766.89

V. Committee Reports

A. Kidspace – We have kids! We have a teacher! We are getting benches for the room!

B. Communications – Nothing major has changed.

C. Social Justice – Clothing swap was a bust, unfortunately, but much of that we can pin on the weather. We’re going to try it again Thursday, Aug 9. We have scrapped the environmental game on the site because there’s another site that’s going to be doing this thing; we can enter as a team. Blue River Rescue is on April 7 and we have a number of participants going.

D. Ritual Teams – Getting ready to run Penny Auction tomorrow. We still have spots available, but nominations close in the morning of 3/18. Due to Kimberly’s continued family crisis limbo, EIR may or may not be starting in March. Stay tuned for updates.

E. Liaisons

1. Mannheim – The old Board ran to legal counsel and issued an injunction against last month’s meeting, thus reinstating them into power. Mediation might be happening.

2. Building – We need to collect all South Door keys. Barbara wants to ask Lyn for full building backing on the clothing exchange as a way of giving back to the community, as opposed to just a Gaia Community event. Erin would like us to look into what it would take to get an Accessible spot in front of the building. Vicky wants to paint the stage pieces tomorrow morning; given that it’s a High Holiday, this could be problematic. We are offering our labor in painting them ourselves on Monday instead.

F. Stewardship – Pledge Drive is starting very soon! Pledge Sunday is March 25.

G. Membership – Nothing significant to report.

H. NomCom – Elections are in April! We are gathering a ballot of candidates for your voting pleasure.

VI. Old Business

A. Sign – We have a temporary sign for the window.

VII. New Business

VII. Announcements