April 2017 Ritual for Business Minutes

Minutes for the Ritual For Business on 4/29/2017

Present: Erin, Devin, Jan, Barbara, David, Kimberly, Susi, Kitty, Katie

  1. Roles: Erin as Parliamentarian, Barbara as Devil’s Advocate, Katie as Vibes Watcher, and Kimberly wielded the Spatula.
  2. Chalice: Susi lit the chalice.
  3. Agenda: approved as made.
  4. Minutes: minutes were not present on David’s computer for some reason; he will work on recovering them.
  5. Treasurer’s Report: as reported by email.
  6. Committee Reports:
    1. Communications: EH went out, events are mostly being made.
    2. KidSpace: there will be a children’s activity this week (Beltane); it will NOT be intergenerational. KidSpace needs to have a meeting soon (before Heartland) to try to get things more organized and try to boost youth attendance.
    3. Ritual Teams: a schedule is laid out through Lughnassadh for rituals. Kitty noted that there will be a multiday workshop on July 28th-30th., but it will exit from the great room by 2pm and the front room by 3pm that day. David and Kimberly are the ritual team for the day, so they are aware not to do any great building projects that will require three hours to construct.
    4. Membership: we will have a new member tomorrow!
    5. Social Justice: the movie arc on sex trafficking continues next week with Wednesday May 3rd being a showing of Dreamcatcher. Two people came to Tricked in April. There will be no Social Justice meeting in May, since all activities are already planned out.
    6. Stewardship: the pledge drive has begun!
    7. Liaisons: all of the finished rooms upstairs have become rented to paying renters! Which is great for the building, but does make our meetings a little more challenging. There will be a ‘tenant lounge’ in the one shared room. Our KidSpace, Social Justice, and probably Ritual Teams meetings can take place in there; we have some reserved times for it, but we’ll have access to it in general since our meetings do not coincide with most other building users.
      Danny has declined any stake in the building, formally. Barbara believes that this may lead Lyn to create a formal agreement for managing the building now. They are pursuing insurance coverage for the building.
      Erin asked about what our lease says; we currently lack one once again.
      Barbara said that we have been invited to have a sign as part of the building tenants.
      Danny wants to get our occupancy permit updated, so Barbara gave him David’s information if he gets bogged down. Probably he should just call 816-513-1500.
      Lyn and Danny want to put in a mandala on the south wall, possibly being done live by an artist during a First Friday. Our plan for a decorative tree design can still proceed (possibly on a different wall), but we need to show it to Lyn and get everyone on board with it. We are also still interested in having a clock up; Erin thinks that the Seraphim Fire people may be taking it down to improve their meditative experience; however it was not put back up and seems to be missing. We should get another one and emphasize that we want it to stick around, even it gets put away from time to time.
      Kitty presented a summary of expenses and income from last year for the building; $26,000 was put into the building, but $23,000 of that came from Vicky’s transfers. The building as a whole reported a $650 loss.

      David went to the Manheim meeting but there was no significant business transacted there. They did issue a supporting statement in favor of the garden conservancy, though they declined to partner with them formally.

    8. NomCom: no one was present at the meeting, except that Kit dropped off the election ballots and the absentee ballots.
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
    1. Request to Pay – Barbara reported that the pianist that worked with Voices of Gaia at the All Souls service we did on Earth Day had originally offered to rehearse gratis. She requested that our community reimburse the cost of that. His rate is $25/hour, and rehearsal ran two hours, so she is asking for $50. Consensed.
    2. Elections – conducted.


President: Susi Matthews

Vice-President: Erin Scrogum

Treasurer: Devin Scrogum

Secretary: Rosemary Williams

Trustees: Jamie Peters, Kitty Degler (Katie continues)

NomCom: Kimberly Reynolds-Gier, David Reynolds-Gier, Barbara Griggs

General Assembly Delegate(s): none standing, none elected

LLC Representative: Kitty Degler