NOTE: While we are meeting remotely, there is no KidSpace programming available. We look forward to a day when we can return to seeing each other in person, and providing services for kids as well as grown-ups. 

KidSpace is our Children’s Religious Education program, serving everyone ages 0-17. While many of our Sunday rituals and events are intergenerational to one degree or another, most weeks we provide separate and age-appropriate education on a variety of topics.

In all situations where children are not with their parents, the classes will have a pre-approved volunteer leader who has submitted to a background check, understands the curriculum and expectations of their class’ age group, as well as the stipulations of our community’s values and our lease, and is compensated with a stipend for their time and trouble. We would like to see a variety of teachers from both inside and outside the community assist with this process, so if you know anyone who has the time and inclination to help out on Sunday afternoons, please let us know!