Cat-gifts in Freya’s honor

Freyr riding a boar and Freya driving a chariot pulled by cats along the sea-shore.
Freyr and Freyja by Igor Ozhiganov

Gaia Community’s year with Freya as patron has a few months left, and we’ve barely mentioned one of the most striking aspects of her lore – where other gods ride horses and boars and leopards and things, Freya gets around the nine worlds in a chariot pulled by cats! If you’ve ever tried to get two or more cats to go in the same direction at once, you’ll appreciate the divine grace needed to pull off such a feat. In honor of Freya and her cats, we’re gathering gifts for Spay and Neuter KC, who provide low-cost and free pet care to families in need.

Between now and the end of July, bring items from SNKC’s wish list to any Gaia event, and we’ll fill our representation of Freya’s chariot with tokens of our thanks and appreciation. We’re mostly focusing on cat-related care items, but if you’re a dog person, they need stuff for dogs too. Not able to bring items in person? SNKC has an Amazon wish list, and gladly accepts items shipped directly. Just let us know if you’d also like to have a token of your gift presented to Freya. Tokens will be offered to Freya in our farewell ritual in August. SNKC items collected at Gaia will be delivered as we collect them.

On behalf of Kansas City’s kitties (and dogs too), thank you for your support!

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