This Sunday: Bardic Circle

Join us this Sunday for a virtual bardic circle! We’ll spin tales, sing songs, and share poetry with each other. Our suggested theme is art about the current God Auction candidates (Freyr, Isis, Spider Woman, Old Possum, Artemis, Hermes, Weyland the Smith).Even if you won’t be sharing, please still attend; an appreciative audience is a bard’s best friend.

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 829 8637 0928
Password: 195272

This Sunday: Earth Day!

Earth Day this year takes place in a time of uncertainty, but one thing is certain: our current lower impact on the environment is visible. Mother Earth has given us a time out, and taking a moment to clean up after us, her unruly children.

This Sunday, we will explore areas of climate change and human environmental impact that don’t get much publicity. We’ll take some time to do direct action, and/or make oaths.  Before the ritual, a guide will be posted on the Facebook group with actions you can take during the work of the day or later.

For this ritual, you are encouraged to go outside, if your tech allows it, and the weather cooperates. Otherwise, if you can set-up near a window, that would be best. There are a few items that will aid your participation: a chalice, matches/lighter/firestick, and a bowl of sun-warmed water with salt if sunlight isn’t available.

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This Sunday: Climate Activism in the Time of COVID-19

How has the movement for climate action and climate justice adapted to the locked-down world of coronavirus response? How have our behavior changes affected the natural world? In this class, we’ll learn about current developments and opportunities to act.

Please join us for social time beginning at 3 pm and class beginning at 4.

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This Sunday: Ritual – Horus the Redeemer

We call on Horus this Sunday as a force for protection, as the champion who rescued and redeemed his father Osiris from unending death. As the country reels from the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus, we invoke and make offering to Horus, asking him to spread his wings over our congregation and over the world that looks for order, for protection, for shelter from the storm.For the time being, our rituals and other events will be held on Zoom: Gaia’s Zoom link for this ritual is or you can enter the meeting ID if you’ve already downloaded the software: Gaia’s is 444-999-4327 – zoom has implemented mandatory passwords so you’ll also need to enter 195272 if you do it this way. You may find the following items useful to participate more fully in ritual:
* a candle or chalice (and a way to light it)
* a bowl of clear water, with salt and baking soda if you have them, but clean water is fine
* a cloth for drying your hands
* if you have the ability to do so, you may wish to print the Eye of Horus,