This Sunday: 11/1 – Samhain Ritual

Join David and Matt for our community observance of Samhain in ADF-style ritual. Our work will focus on the energy raised by our fundraiser for Harvesters being funneled into symbolic Obols that will be offered to the well to pay for passage of those Beloved Dead who need help paying the fare of crossing. We will also be reading the names of those who have left this world since last Samhain. If you wish to add to the list please email it to or message David or Matt directly. We will be on Zoom, starting at 3pm for social hour and with ritual starting at 4pm:

As always in ADF ritual there will be time for praise offerings, oaths, or check-ins regarding oaths previously given. You will find it helpful to bring a chalice and means to light your candle, a beverage you enjoy toward the end of ritual when we receive the return blessing, and any offerings you wish to present. If you wish to contribute to the Harvesters fundraiser, you may do so at this link

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  1. The Mighty Dead, as recognized in this ritual:
    Marian K Renner, mother-out-law
    Jack Denzer, photographer and grandfather
    Lillian Camillieri
    Alan Cook
    Shane Rouse, stage technician
    Kurt Sederberg
    Jack Jury
    Bob Allen
    Ralph Stingo
    Katie Bohannon, beloved wife
    Arachne, Rennie and Psychic
    Lois Rupp
    Bob Jones
    Emelie Davidson, beloved wife
    Richard Blim, world-famous pediatrician
    Carole Ingram, musician and choral accompanist
    Phyllis Calvert
    Jesse Linder, renfaire musician
    William Bunce
    Jan Marie Smith, Kansas City Women’s Chorus accompanist
    Gayle Lynn Bennett-Grant
    Ernest Martin
    Howard Yocum
    Geane Delores Talbot Mulholland
    Stacey Park Milbern
    Amanda “Mel” Baggs, autism activist
    Howard Marshall Ledbetter Sr.
    Michael Connor Hogan
    Erica Zern
    Monica Roberts
    Larry Aubry, newspaper columnist and activist
    Vanessa Filkins
    Jim Bass, Artist and Scoutmaster
    Tyler Kurtz (Andrew’s nephew)
    Connie Welch
    Breonna Taylor, emergency room technician, killed by police
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice
    Chadwick Boseman, actor
    George Floyd, security guard, killed by police
    Elandria Williams, former co-moderator of UUA General Assembly
    Eddie Van Halen, musician
    Erin Wall, opera singer
    John Lewis, civil rights activist
    Sean Monterrosa, carpenter, killed by police
    Nikki Araguz Loyd, marriage equality activist
    Freeman Dyson, physicist
    Yvette Lundy, French Resistance fighter and Legion of Honour recipient
    Thích Trí Quang, Buddhist activist (Teek Shee Kwang)
    Cameron Lamb, Kansas City repairman, killed by police
    Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician
    Zwelonke, king of the Xhosa people (zih-lon-kay)
    LeGend Taliferro, child
    J. Charles Jones, civil rights activist
    Barger, radio dog
    Joe Diffie, singer-songwriter
    Brad McQuaid, video game designer
    Andres Guardado, killed by police
    James Randi, skeptic
    Almaas Elman, peace activist
    David Patrick Underwood, security officer, killed by vigilantes
    David Glass, former owner of the Kansas City Royals
    Olivia Ann Jansen, Kansas City child
    Barbara Hillary, first black woman to reach both poles
    Julian Edward Roosevelt Lewis, killed by state police
    Charlot Jeudy, Haitian LGBT activist
    Caroll Spinney, puppeteer
    Tyron Payton, Kansas City child
    Antonio Valenzuela, killed by police
    Vicki Wood, race car driver
    Michael Mosher, Overland Park police officer
    Cannon Hinnant, child
    Donnie Sanders, Kansas City man, killed by police
    Howard Cruse, gay comics artist/author
    James Scurlock, activist, killed while protesting
    Agnes Baker Pilgrim, eldest grandmother of the Takelma tribe
    Stan Kirsch, actor
    Dorothy Maclean, author and co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation
    Nicholas Alahverdian, child welfare advocate and whistleblower
    Ahmaud Arbery, jogger, killed by vigilantes
    Irving Burgie, Carribean songwriter
    Ramon Timothy Lopez, truck driver, killed by police
    Lil Bub, celebrity cat
    Sarah Grossman, barista, died from reaction to tear gas fired by police
    D. C. Fontana, scriptwriter and author
    René Auberjonois, actor (eau-BEAR-gen-wah)
    Raeven Parks, Kansas City woman
    George Joseph Laurer III, inventor of the UPC barcode
    Marie Fredriksson, singer
    Myrtle Cagle, pilot and member of the Mercury 13 astronaut group
    Ram Dass, author, mystic, and founder of the Hanuman Foundation
    Alasdair Gray, author
    Tom Alexander, musician
    Salaythis Melvin, killed by police
    Mike Resnick, author
    Terry Jones, actor, member of the Pythons
    David McAtee, restaurant owner, killed by National Guard during protest
    Jim Lehrer, journalist
    Jonathan Price, football player, killed by police
    Kobe Bryant, basketball player, author
    Scott Hutton, police officer, killed by another police officer
    Mary Higgins Clark, author
    Regis Philbin, television personality
    Sally Rowley, Freedom Rider and civil rights activist
    Rayshard Brooks, restaurant worker, killed by police
    Roy Little Chief, First Nations activist
    David Clewell, former Poet Laureate of Missouri
    Carlos Carson, father, killed by security guard
    Lorena Borjas, transgender and immigrant rights activist
    Larry Tesler, computer scientist
    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, performance artist and singer
    Ryan Whitaker, killed by police
    Sarah Ratley, pilot and member of the Mercury 13 astronaut group
    Kenny Rogers, singer-songwriter
    Wilford Brimley, actor
    Joseph Lowery, civil rights activist
    Curly Neal, member of the Harlem Globetrotters
    Nina Pop, trans woman from Sikeston Missouri
    Javier Ambler, killed by police
    April Dunn, disability rights activist
    Daniel Prude, killed by police
    Soraya Santiago Solla, transgender pioneer
    Cristina, singer
    Larry Kramer, playwright and LGBT activist
    Mort Drucker, cartoonist
    Glenna Goodacre, sculptor
    Brian Dennehy, actor
    Atatiana Jefferson, killed by police
    Vormsi Enn, esotericist
    Charlie Daniels, singer-songwriter
    Duncan Lemp, killed by police
    Shere Hite, sex educator and feminist
    Richard Hake, journalist
    Damon Gutzwiller, police officer, killed by vigilantes
    Madeline Kripke, world’s foremost dictionary collector
    Robert Johnson Jr., killed by police
    Zara Alvarez, human rights activist
    Olivia de Havilland, actor
    Nathaniel Woods, executed
    Bill English, co-developer of the computer mouse
    Aaron J. Danielson, killed by vigilante
    Justa Barrios, home care worker and labor activist
    Grant Imahara, engineer and actor
    Manuel Ellis, killed by police
    Motoko Fujishiro Huthwaite, preservationist, last surviving female Monuments Men
    Little Richard, musician
    Aimee Stephens, funeral home director and transgender activist
    Fred Willard, actor
    Nicholas Chavez, killed by police
    Kirvan Fortuin, dancer and LGBT activist
    Vera Lynn, singer
    Hawa Abdi, human rights activist
    Ian Holm, actor
    Joseph Rosenbaum, killed by vigilante
    Anthony Huber, killed by vigilante
    Santiago Manuin Valera, indigenous rights activist
    Emily Howell Warner, first female captain of an American airline’s scheduled flight
    Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, world’s oldest conjoined twins
    Tommie Dale McGlothen Jr., died in police custody
    Ebru Timtik, human rights lawyer
    Monica Roberts, transgender activist
    Kathleen Byerly, US Navy captain and Woman of the Year
    Terry Goodkind, author
    Sean Connery, actor
    Timothy Ray Brown, considered the first person cured of HIV/AIDS

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